Winter 2002 Adult Bible Fellowship, Session 8: "Israel Through the Eyes of Scripture"

Session 8: Stages in the Rejection of Jesus

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Expectations from Old Testament Prophecy

Suffering servant.

Isa. 52:13-53:12; Ps. 22

Victorious king.

Ps. 2; Ps. 110; Dan. 7:14; Isa. 9:6-7 (also Luke 1:31-33)

Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom

Kingdom is “at hand.”

Mark 1:14-15; Mat. 3:2; Mat. 4:17

What gospel? Death of Jesus not yet understood by apostles.

Mat. 10:5-7; Mat. 16:15-22; Luke 9:44-45

Presented to Israel.1

Mat. 10:5-6; Mat. 15:24

Public Blasphemous Rejection of Messiah by Religious Leaders

Exorcism of dumb recognized as Messianic work.

Mat. 12:22

The Unpardonable Sin (Jesus’ work by the Holy Spirit attributed to Satan.)

Mat. 12:24

Jesus accused of being demon-possessed!

Mark 3:28-30

Jesus Reveals the Mysteries of the Kingdom

Uses parables to illustrate and hide truth.

Mat. 13:10-15; Mark 4:11-12; Luke 8:10

Reveals new information concerning the kingdom.

Mat. 13:35-36, 51-52, cf. Ps. 78:2

An intervening age, gradual growth, final harvest.

Mat. 13:41

Presentation as King

Timed according to Daniel’s prediction, fulfills prophecy of Zechariah.

Dan. 9:24-26; Zec. 9:9; Luke 19:28-44

Taught on delay of political kingdom prior to presentation (due to expectations).

Luke 19:11-26


Jesus’ affirmation as “the Christ, the Son of God” considered blasphemous.

Mat. 26:64 (cf. Dan. 7:13-14)

Israel chooses Barabbas (the wrong “son of the father”).

Mat. 27:15-26

God pronounces Jesus innocent by Pilate

Mat. 27:24

God identifies Jesus as King by Pilate

John 19:19-22

Jews undertake a blood curse on themselves and their offspring.

Mat. 27:25

Political Kingdom Delayed

Awaits fulfillment.

Mat. 19:28; 25:31; Mark 14:25; Luke 21:31; 22:29-30; Acts 1:6-7; 2Ti. 4:1; Rev. 3:21; Rev. 20:4-6

Kingdom in mystery form.

John 18:36-37

Church Age

Awaiting the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 1:8

Baptism of Holy Spirit forms the body of Christ, the Church.

Acts 2:4, 38; 8:14; 10:45-46; 11:16; 15:8; 19:6; 1Cor. 12:13

1 This is not to say that righteous Gentiles did not have a part in trusting in Messiah all along (e.g., Mat. 8:10-11; 9:22).

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