New Testament Teaching On Tongues by Merrill F. Unger (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 1971), 175pp, paperback, $9.23.

In this book, the author attempts to answer questions that many in the Christian community ask:Is the practice of speaking in tongues valid?Can it be Scripturally sanctioned?What positive use or blessing does it have?And have its fruits in modern charismatic circles commended it to the church in general?

Dr. Unger presents a �concise but thorough examination of all of the relevant New Testament passages� along with �evidence of church history� to support his conclusions.He addresses the Charismatic Revivalism in the Church today and then discusses the Meaning of Pentecost in the first two chapters.Subsequently, he speaks about the relationship between Pentecost and Tongues before he talks about the meaning of the Samaritan Revival, Cornelius� Conversion, and the Ephesian Disciples� Conversion.�� A Summary of Tongues in the Book of Acts is included in addition to a comparison of Tongues with Spiritual Gifts.This leads to a treatise on the Permanency of Tongues, the Superiority of Prophecy to Tongues, the Purpose of Tongues, and the Regulation of Tongues.Finally, Tongues and Church History is offered as well as an Evaluation of Tongues Today.

Although Dr. Unger�s book addresses the topic of Tongues from a dispensational point of view (holding that they were temporary until the completion of the NT canon), believers of all perspectives will benefit from a better understanding of the function of tongues in New Testament times�especially their purpose as a sign associated with the going forth of the gospel to various people groups in the Book of Acts.Dr. Unger is at his best when identifying various ways in which passages involving tongues in the Book of Acts are detached from their historical context to justify unbiblical practices in our day.

The author emphasizes that the Word of God rather than human experience should be used to evaluate all manifestations of the spiritual realm�a much-needed reminder in our day where many believers seek experiences which are not grounded in Scripture.For those who are open to learning more about tongues from a dispensational perspective, this book has much to commend it.

Reviewed by Deb Garland,