Truth Matters by John MacArthur (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2004), 259pp, hardback, $18.50

This work is a 35th Anniversary Anthology containing landmark chapters from the teaching ministry of John MacArthur from 1969-2004. It is a special volume compiled by the elders and pastoral staff of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California to commemorate this event in February 2004.

To surprise and honor John MacArthur, his staff chose and published those complete and unabridged chapters that contained topics which they felt were most important during his 35 years of full-time ministry with them at Grace Community Church without his knowledge. The result is a book that epitomizes what John has sought to achieve, “in-depth biblical exposition that makes the truth accessible to lay men and women.”

This anthology covers the most essential fundamentals of the Christian faith, both in theory and practice. Topics are introduced with a Scripture verse, anecdote, or formula which are then followed by short sections that define, discuss, and illustrate the subject in question. At the start of the book is a very simple and easy to read Table of Contents and a complete set of endnotes correlating to each chapter can be found at the end of the volume under Notes.

Truth Matters addresses 15 issues of profound interest to Christians and offers an approximately five-to twenty-five page comprehensive treatment of each one. After a brief discussion of truth, this book deals with such subjects as, “The Proof of God’s Holiness” – “The Cost of Discipleship” – “How Justification and Sanctification Differ” – “Just As God Has Forgiven You” – “Shade For Our Children” – “Why Christ Must Return” -“The Seven Last Sayings Of Christ” – “How Did Creation Happen?” Especially provocative is the list John MacArthur gives in support of the biblical truth that Christ must return to the physical earth in the future.

While not an index of everything John MacArthur has taught, this book includes some of his best teaching which has appeared in print to date. For those unfamiliar with the Bible or the ministry of John MacArthur, reading this volume would be very informative. Whether a new believer or one who has walked with Jesus Christ a long time, Truth Matters will give the reader a lot to think about and apply in daily life. Even those who have a budding interest in the tenets of Christianity can find theological and practical help between the pages of this book.

Reviewed by Deb Garland,