Uzziah: A Character Study

© 2010 Andy Woods

I.                    Introduction

a.       Scripture: 2 Kings 15:1-7; 2 Chron 26

b.      Name

                                                               i.      Uzziah

                                                             ii.      Azariah

                                                            iii.      Common name

c.       Father-Amaziah

d.      Mother-Jecholiah

e.       Son-Jotham

f.        Birth-806 B.C.

g.       Reign

                                                               i.      10th king of Judah

                                                             ii.      790–739

h.       Miscellaneous information

                                                               i.      Earthquake (Amos 1:1; Zech 14:5)

                                                             ii.      Isaiah’s calling (Isa 1:1; 6:1; 7:1)

                                                            iii.      Archeological evidence

II.                 Reign

a.       Coronation

b.      Prosperity

                                                               i.      Militarily

                                                             ii.      Reign in Judah

                                                            iii.      Longevity

                                                           iv.      Spiritually-2 Chron 26:5

III.               Fall

a.       Pride-2 Chron 26:16

b.      Determination to burn incense on the altar

c.       Opposition

                                                               i.      Azariah the high priest

                                                             ii.      80 others

                                                            iii.      Exod 30:7-8; Num 16:40; 18:7

d.      His anger-2 Chron 26:19

e.       His leprosy-2 Chron 26:19-20

f.        His co-regency

IV.              Death

a.       Died 739 B.C.

b.      Buried with fathers-2 Chron 26:23

c.       Son Jotham reigned in his place

V.                 Life lessons

a.       Pride comes before a fall-Prov 16:18

b.      Be cautious during seasons of prosperity-2 Chron 26:16

c.       Respect God’s guidelines-2 Chron 26:18

d.      Those who fail to learn from history’s lessons are condemned to repeat them-1 Sam 13

e.       Do not be conformed to the pattern of the world-Rom 12:2

f.        Pay attention to the divine warnings-2 Chron 26:17