He Whom the Nation Abhors (Isaiah 49:1-8) - Part 2

© 2005 Tony Garland

49:5 - To Bring Jacob Back

49:6 - The Restorer of Israel

49:6 - A Light to the Gentiles

49:7 - Despised and Abhorred

49:7 - The Worshiped Servant

49:8 - Given as a Covenant


  1. The Servant is the Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ - The Servant is an individual with characteristics which are both human (born of a woman) and divine (shares God's glory, is worshiped). He is victorious through apparent failure. His shed blood serves as the basis for His being a covenant for the salvation of all people. Are you resting in the salvation found in Christ?

  2. Jesus has Two Great Ministries - Throughout the passage, we have seen two ministries of the Messiah. He serves as savior to all peoples. He also restores Israel to God, fulfilling Israel's promised inheritance. We must not forget that the full restoration of Israel described in Scripture remains unfulfilled and awaits His Second Coming.

  3. The Weapon is the Word of God - The Word of God is the weapon of those who know God. To properly utilized a powerful weapon requires training otherwise great damage results. Are you training in God's Word so as to use it effectively and responsibly?

  4. Just Reward is with God - We must not evaluate our effectiveness for God based on what we see. What often appears as failure in the eyes of the world is how God intends to gain victory. Like the Servant, we must leave the vindication of our work in God's hands.

  5. The Servant Glorifies God - Like the Servant, believers are chosen and called. We have a destiny in God. Let each of us ask: are we truly serving God? Are we walking in a way which glorifies Him?