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A Testimony of Jesus Christ

This commentary set on the Book of Revelation is one of the finest on the market today. Although it originally came out in 2004, it has been updated as recently as 2006. Garland holds degrees from Louisiana Baptist University and Tyndale Seminary. He administers the website There is an online course which corresponds to the set.

The work opens with a 145-page Introduction containing a huge amount of significant information. It covers topics such as Audience and Purpose, Theme, Genre, Authorship, Date, Systems of Interpretation, and Acceptance into the Canon, among others. For Revelation in particular this information is especially helpful.

Garland than launches into a verse-by-verse and phrase-by-phrase examination of the Apocalypse. The books are somewhat technical but one does not have to be a master of Greek in order to benefit from them. The average Christian will be able to glean much from the two volumes.

Some specifics will follow. The author comes to the conclusion that the 'angel of the church' (Rev. 1:20, etc.) is a human leader or messenger of the churches in that region. The 'overcomers' (2:7, etc.) are not special Christians but true Christians among all those claiming to be the church (p. 2:345). Revelation 4:1 cannot be unquestionably a reference to the Rapture but it very likely is a type of it (p. 1:285-86). The two witnesses may be Moses and Elijah yet other suggestions are described.

This set is very useful because of its various features. As just noted, different viewpoints are explained and evaluated. It is liberally sprinkled with charts and black-and-white pictures. In addition to the information presented in the introduction, the second volume concludes with nineteen appendices (the Beast, the Book of Life, Armageddon, Marriage of the Lamb, the Nicolaitans, etc.). Best of all, Garland writes from a premillennial, pretribulational point of view. A Testimony of Jesus Christ should be found on the bookshelf of every believer.

-- Journal of Dispensational Theology, December 2007

Garland's work is one of the best commentaries available on the book of the Revelation. Garland approaches the text from a literal perspective and also assesses the weaknesses of various non-literal interpretations. If you really want to understand this great book, Garland's commentary will not disappoint! Audio messages are also available to complement your study. I have recommended this commentary to a number of individuals who sought to truly understand the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the feedback to date has been uniformly positive. One physician, a practicing anesthesiologist, said "I gained a very clear understanding of a book which had previously been very mysterious to me." If you are serious about knowing what the Spirit intended for John to convey to God's people, Garland's in depth (~1172 pages) and fair analysis (non-literal interpretations are fairly critiqued) of this great book of the Bible will not disappoint! But be prepared to spend several weeks (even months) on this material which goes into considerable detail. That said, while it is a detailed study, it is not highly technical and any layperson will have no difficulty with the material.

I might also add that while Dr Garland does sell this commentary (print and digital formats), he has graciously made it available online at no charge because his heart is not to make money but to edify and equip God's saints with the truth about this great book which for far too long has been cloaked in mystery and considerable confusion. I personally own over 180 commentaries on Revelation and Garland's is (IMO) by far the best commentary ever written on this book. I say that having spent almost 3 years leading Precept classes on Daniel and Revelation, during which time I logged over 2000 hours of study and preparation (this is not to impress you but to give you some perspective on my statement that Garland's work is the best work ever written on the Revelation). If you don't believe me, I challenge you to set aside the next 3-6 months and carry out a serious study on the book of the Revelation. I would encourage you to first print out a copy of the 22 chapters (click here) on which you can prayerfully carry out your own inductive Bible study, reading the text literally, making your observations of the text, marking key words, listing questions, etc. Then you can begin to work your way through Garland's commentary and in that way you will gain a greater insight into John's record of the Consummate Victory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Or you might consider working through the 52 lesson Precept Ministries study on the Revelation (or click here to find a local Precept class going through this study - note I am not affiliated with Precept ministries) and supplement your personal study with Dr Garland's verse by verse analysis.

Here is a link to the customer reviews of Garland's commentary that were available as of 10/27/16. While there are only a small number of reviews, it is notable that every one gave Garland's treatise a 5 star rating! 

-- Precept Austin, USA

Query: Who wrote the Revelation Commentary A Testimony of Jesus Christ?

ChatGPT: The Revelation commentary A Testimony of Jesus Christ was written by Tony Garland. It is a comprehensive commentary on the book of Revelation, offering interpretations and insights into its symbolism and meaning from a Christian perspective.

Query: Tell me more about the commentary.

ChatGPT:A Testimony of Jesus Christ is a highly regarded commentary on the book of Revelation within Christian circles. Here are some key points about the commentary:

Overall, A Testimony of Jesus Christ is valued for its thorough examination of Revelation, its commitment to biblical authority, and its practical insights for Christian living. It continues to be a significant resource for those studying and teaching the book of Revelation.

-- ChatGPT (2024-03-21)

While I have several commentaries on Revelation, the one I most often go to is Tony Garland's A Testimony of Jesus Christ. It is from a pretribulational standpoint. The fact that it can be read online for free, isn't a testimony to its value (no pun intended). I may not necessarily agree with everything, but he frames his arguments very well. The work is a goldmine of notes and resources. It stands shoulder to shoulder against Robert L. Thomas' Two Volume Commentary. The same cannot be said for most of these YouTube commentaries. I can hear some complain that this is just another pretrib commentary. Well, Tony has put a lot of work into it and it deserves attention. My suggestion to those who gripe that their points of views aren't presented is to to roll up their sleeves and produce something worthy of consideration. YouTube just doesn't cut it. Moreover the one or two online written commentaries I've seen don't have the depth (IMO) of Tony Garland's work. Depth alone doesn't guarantee correctness. But it does demonstrate the effort expended. Read A Testimony of Jesus Christ (Tony is also working on a commentary on Daniel.)

-- Thoughts on Eschatology blog

Tony Garland has produced one of the best commentaries on the book of Revelation I have studied. Having researched many other commentaries from conservative, pre-millennial authors such as Walvoord, McGee, Jeremiah, Scott and others, I have found "A Testimony of Jesus Christ: A Commentary on the Book of Revelation" to be as informative, researched, and spiritually insightful as any I have studied. His commentary is well prepared and annotated, easy to read, with cross referenced material for adding edification. I highly recommend this commentary for anyone desiring a deeper knowledge into the prophetic scriptures. It is well suited for both the novice reader as well as for those undertaking a serious study of Biblical Eschatology.


I came across this huge work in the library of Tyndale Seminary before it was published. I read it (well, a good deal of it) in its dissertation garb and was mightily impressed. Offers some unique material hard to find elsewhere. I recommend purchasing the hard copies, but for all you tight-wads out there, Tony has it all for free here!

-- Paul Henebury

Dr Tony Garland may not be a household name, but to those of us who have read his work and who have the honor to know him personally, there is no doubt about his abilities and his piety. Garland believes the Word of God, and he mines it for all it's worth in this great book. I have read many commentaries on Revelation, and this one comes closest to challenging Robert Thomas's 2 volume work. You ought to own both, for Garland does not simply repeat Thomas, he does his own work; interacting with contrary views (e.g. Beale, Mounce) to produce a very satisfying study.

The book has many excurses of real value and cannot but bless those who work through it's packed pages.

-- Dr. Paul Henebury, Telos Ministies,

A great amount of research went into the production of this work.


This two-volume commentary on the Book of Revelation is one of the most valuable modern sets available for the serious student of the Bible. It maintains a wonderful balance between being comprehensive in scope while at the same time being very readable and clear in presentation. There is much confusion in the church today on the topic of Bible prophecy, and specifically concerning the truths of Revelation. As Tony Garland points out, the Book of Revelation is not often taught from the pulpit in the church today, so believers have turned to other less trustworthy teachers who seem to be more interested in "tickling the ears" of the saints (2 Tim 4:3-4).

The first volume provides extremely important introductory material that puts the Book of Revelation into historical context, as well as exposing the prevalent modern misuse and misinterpretation of these prophecies. It then provides a sound verse-by-verse exposition of the first fourteen chapters of Revelation, using the "tried and true" orthodox principles of the grammatical-historical method of interpretation.

The second volume continues by providing a solid verse-by-verse exposition of the remaining chapters of Revelation, followed by a set of short topical articles on virtually every important side issue that might arise from a study of this crucial Bible book. This topical section could be described as a brief Bible encyclopedia that is focused on the important issues pertaining to the Book of Revelation, and it is not only valuable but very interesting reading.

In addition to this two-volume commentary set, Tony Garland also provides a comprehensive set of audio lectures and an electronic version of the commentary which is cross-indexed and designed for ease of use on a computer. The value of this work far exceeds its modest cost and is highly recommended as a study tool for this important Bible book.


Dr. Anthony Garland has rendered a great service to those who desire a competent, readable, and conservative commentary on the Book of Revelation. The commentary is the best available from a dispensational, pre-millennial and pre-tribulational viewpoint of eschatology. The extensive treatment of a myriad of issues regarding the author, text, hermeneutic issues, scholarly interpretation and inter-biblical connections among others makes this commentary an almost exhaustive resource. If one had to select only one commentary on the Book of Revelation, "A Testimony of Jesus Christ" is the most trusted commentary available.


Quite simply, the best commentary on Revelation ever written. Exhaustive research and fidelity to Scripture is evident.


I had used the online version, but was thrilled to learn it was also available in print. This is, hands down, the best commentary on Revelation there is. He covers everything in such detail but easy to understand. Great for personal study but even more helpful as a teacher’s aid. 5 Stars isn’t enough. Worth every penny.


I have been looking for a reliable, faithful, biblical and easy to read commentary on the Book of Revelation for sometime. In "A Testimony of Jesus Christ" provides a partial answer to that search. Why partial? Because this is the first of a series, so the fulfillment of my search will not be complete until the subsequent volumes are released. [Note: there seems to have been some confusion here as both volumes were already available at the time of this review.]


Thanks for making your commentary on Revelation available on Academia. Looks like a good, solid exegetical work. I look forward to reading it more closely. . . . I appreciate your commitment to sound principles of exegesis.

-- George Gunn, Shasta Bible College

I live in South Africa and discovered "A Testimony Of Jesus Christ". I want to thank you for writing this magnificent work to the glory of God. It is by far the best commentary on Revelation and I read it regularly.

-- South Africa

One of best literal, conservative commentaries I have ever read on Revelation (Libronix or Web).

-- Anonymous

A Testimony of Jesus Christ ... is a verse by verse commentary on the book of the Revelation from a conservative, futuristic, literal viewpoint. [The] work is one of the best resources available anywhere on the often controversial book of the Revelation. His straightforward approach will help reveal the Revelation which was God's intended purpose for writing it.

[Tony] has also produced more than 70 hours of superb audio teaching in his verse by verse commentary on the Revelation (in depth transcripts also available) which will unravel (in a way you did not think was possible considering the divergent interpretations) God's final message of the triumph and return of the our Lord Jesus Christ as the King of kings and Lord of lords! Maranatha!

-- Texas, USA

I just want to send you an email to tell you how blessed I have been using your commentaries on Revelation. I have been a believer since 1974 and am a graduate from San Diego Christian College under Dr. Tim Lahaye and Dr. David Jeremiah. I have studied and taught the Bible for many years as my main ministry. I have studied commentaries on Revelation from Walter Scott, David Jeremiah, John Walvoord, Dr J. V. Mcgee, Gaebelein and others over the years in preparation for my teaching. I stumbled upon your commentary one day while searching Google books and can honestly say, it is the best and most satisfying and spirituality insightful commentary on Revelation I have had the privilege of studying. I went to your web site and am amazed at the volume of information you have provided. I look forward to spending a great amount of time there.

-- US Navy, California, USA

I have studied many different commentaries on Revelation through the years but your work stands above them.

-- California, USA

Thank you so much for collecting the invaluable amount of knowledge (and perspective) about the revelation of Christ. In our bible study-group we started on Revelation. I have 'the honour' to do the introduction. I used the commentary of the first chapter while preparing my lecture. Never ever saw the riches of this first chapter. I considered the first chapter as an introductory scene to the astonishing scenes described in the chapters thereafter. Especially the note ... 'The challenge the book of Revelation makes to every person is to be ready for His return.' This gave the light I needed: this book is all about Christ and not (in the first place) the timetable of what is going to happen at 'bus station earth.' Also the warning on the danger of a 'dual hermeneutic' gave a clear view on the thoughts I already had on this subject. We have indeed some people around which shift gear all the time, frequently trying to connect CNN to a certain chapter or verse. Again many many thanks for digging and collecting!

-- Holland

Dr. Garland is probably best known for his essential commentary on the book of Revelation, which I, and many others, would consider to be the best commentary available on Revelation (includes 70+ hours of audio!). . . . He approaches Scripture from a conservative, evangelical, literal, futuristic perspective. His commentaries are extraordinarily detailed with extensive cross-references, word studies, historical context, and practical applications.


An almost exhaustive commentary on Revelation . . . The highest recommended resource available anywhere on Revelation.


I bought both of your A Testimony of Jesus Christ volumes from Amazon, and I also use the same information inside of Logos 4. I have been studying Revelation for many years and I also have several other commentaries, but you have helped me more than anyone or anything else. Your information has cleared up misinformation from other books I have been using. The "man child" in Rev 12 is referred to so much as being the 144,000 in other sources. That's just one of many wrong interpretations you have helped me with. I'm also using your voice and scripture help through your web site. That is a huge help to be able to hear your in-depth explanations. I'm addicted to that now. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. You have really been a blessing to me in helping to understand the most fascinating book of the bible.

-- email

This is perhaps the finest theological commentary on Revelation to date. It combines the best qualities of a comprehensive revelation commentary and a Bible prophecy dictionary. If that wasn't enough, both volumes (about 1200 pages) are free to download in many formats (documents, e-Sword, Libronix, MP3). Thank you Tony Garland!

-- Scribd Reader

Thank you for your wonderful work. I have been using the commentary on Revelation, it is excellent scholarship and very well done!

-- Ohio, USA

Your E-Sword Testimony of Jesus Christ is the first truly comprehensive, point by point guide for understanding Revelation I have ever encountered.

-- USA

I LOVE your Revelation commentary. Not only is the material excellent, but the way everything is cross-referenced makes study very nice. I hope you'll make many more modules for e-Sword. How about the NT?

-- e-Sword user in Florida, USA

I just want you to know that I listened to every one of your audio's on the Book of Revelation and was greatly encouraged by your exposition - especially how you warn us about many false and incorrect interpretations. Its refreshing to hear a gifted teacher accurately exposit God's Word.

-- Kansas, USA

This work is highly recommended as one of the better conservative resources available anywhere. Also available as a download [click] for e-Sword or with Libronix if you have Libronix Personal Book Builder It can also be purchased as 1 of 6 commentaries on the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

-- Calvary Chapel of Silver City, New Mexico

I do want to tell you that your commentary on Revelation is right on and a great blessing. I was listing to the audio yesterday on Rev. 3 and had to stop what I was doing, go up stairs and repent and get my heart right with the Lord. Thank you so much for your labor of love.

-- USA

I read your entire commentary and notes through my blackberry over several weeks. I learned much and appreciate your work.

-- USA

I greatly appreciated the Revelation Notes.... THANK YOU FOR THE HARD WORK! Your thorough research outlining and refuting the various ideas and concepts of "Non-Pre-trib" as well as a concise commentary on the verses made it a very enjoyable and useful study resource. I believe that the resurfacing of the Preterist doctrine along with replacement theology are doing much to destroy the credibility of God's Word. I have recommended your site to several of my pastor friends. We appreciate your dedication.

-- Pennsylvania, USA

I have just finished teaching a 30 hour course on Revelation and found your commentary to be a tremendous aid in preparing these lessons.

-- South Carolina, USA

I thank the Lord for letting me run into your website to find a great commentary on Revelation. Thank you sooooooooo much for letting me use your revelation commentary in my church. Its amazing... Now, when will you put the one on Daniel up?

-- Washington, USA

I bought your commentary on Revelation and I have enjoyed the study immensely. I cannot fully articulate just how illuminating it has been and how much understanding I'm gaining.

-- USA

It is the single best commentary on Revelation I've ever seen.


I have used your online Revelation commentary in a Bible study with friends and really enjoyed it. I especially appreciated your diligence to apply a literal hermeneutic . Also the fact that you drew your own conclusions in some of the areas that people seem to make guesses or just regurgitate others conclusions. Thank you for making it available online.

-- USA

I . . . often refer to your work on Revelation. It's one of the finest commentaries I've come across. Just the wealth of information in the footnotes has been a valuable resource to me. Thanks!

-- USA

I keep directing people and pastors to your web site telling them that your Revelation Commentary is the most complete and doctrinally sound source that I have seen.

-- California, USA

I'm a retired Baptist pastor living in British Columbia, Canada. I'm being favorably impressed with your biblical presentation of eschatological material, both with regard to The Book of Revelation and your insightful cross-referencing of related Scripture.

-- British Columbia, Canada

I have been using your work "A Testimony of Jesus Christ" as a study guide for Revelation for about 6 months. It has been very helpful. I have tried to study Revelation before, but have not felt the comfort and consistency that I have felt in your study guide. Thanks for all you did to provide this to us.

-- USA

I am a retired overseas missionary now living in N.C. and just wanted you to know how extremely happy I am to have come across your lectures especially on the Book of Revelation. May our lovely Lord bless you abundantly for making your studies available to us online. My understanding of the Word has been greatly expanded and so too, my joy, for all the things God has prepared for them that love Him.

-- North Carolina, USA

Tony has written a truly great book on Revelation with exhaustive notes and bibliography.

-- Anonymous

Dr. Garland emphasizes "prophetic themes from the rest of the Bible which find their fulfillment in Revelation" in this extraordinary and expansive commentary.


Just recently acquired your work on Revelation for my Sword Searcher. Great Work! Next to Larkin I have not read a more comparable work. My only misgiving was your use of he NKJV, but that is easily worked through. Thanks for your putting this together.

-- USA

Thank you for your commentary on the Book of Revelation. It is outstanding! The detail of your work and depth of insight are very very helpful. Thank you . . . for what had to be a monumental work effort in producing your commentary to Revelation. I cannot help but to ask when you think your commentary on Daniel will be online? I would really like to read that!

-- email

I just found your commentary on Revelation. I love it!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

-- Pastor Mike

I have been thoroughly enjoying your commentary, which I downloaded from your site about 2 years ago. So far I have completed everything outside the main commentary itself (twice), once in 2012 and now 2013. I will soon dive into the rest of the commentary, after a couple of other books. . . . I really appreciate your research, logic and presentation, very thorough.

-- email

I'm in the middle of studying Revelation (part 1) through Kay Arthur's Precept-Upon-Precept. After I do my study for the week, I then use your commentary. There is so much in your commentary, I haven't caught up to where I am studying, but nonetheless do not want to miss any of your commentary. I am writing to say thank you for the free online audio commentary (all of it, really). It truly has helped me in my study thus far. It aligns well with what I am already understanding to be truth, yet takes me deeper.

-- email

I want to thank you once again for your "labor of love" in writing your commentary on the book of Revelation. No doubt this is making a great impact on the Church of Jesus Christ by having such a wonderful, clear and concise resource. Thank you for being both willing and available to our wonderful Lord in bringing forth this work. As I read the book of God's final chapter of revelation along with your commentary, my heart becomes so full of praise to our glorious Lord.

May the Lord continue to bless you and use you in numerous ways to glorify His great name.

-- email

I read your Revelation commentary for a class at Tyndale Theological Seminary, and I just wanted to drop you a quick note of encouragement to let you know that I really enjoyed your work. I really love the research and layout that you put out there at Thank you for the labor that you put into the commentary, and know that it has been a real blessing to me.

-- email, USA

I will recommend the web site (which I came upon by googling for some graphics on Rev. 17-18) and especially your commentary far and wide. I am in a Bible conference ministry and pastors and SS teachers appreciate good materials.

-- email, USA

I found this site last year, and I am now near the end of my second time through your study of the book of Revelation. I have downloaded the MP3 files, made a playlist and listened to it in my car, which I've found to be a very productive use of time. I wanted to reach out, first to say thank you... Trust me, this feels very understated, but Thank You! This is a wonderful resource. I have learned more about God's word this past year than ever before. This study on Revelation has been an inspiration to seek God more than ever.

-- email, USA

I’ve only read a handful of commentaries on Revelation but I printed off your commentary which I had spiral bound. I think it is superb – very well structured and comprehensive. There may of course be commentaries which make a better job of a specific passage but speaking of the commentary as a whole, I frankly can’t see that it can be bettered. I’m looking forward to the Daniel commentary!

-- blog comment, New Zealand

Great detailed commentary on the book of Revelation.

-- Logos Reviewer

Dear Tony, Since last summer I have been leading my Sunday School ladies through an in-depth study of Revelation. Along the way, through research and the website of Precepts Austin, I found your website and the wonderful wealth of materials you so generously have made available. Thank you so much! What a gold mine you have provided. I've downloaded both volumes of your Testimony of Jesus Christ and links to all of your mp3s to listen to as I drive, work, etc. This Sunday we've finally reached Rev Chapter 19 and are beginning to see the end in sight. What an exciting journey!!! I've learned so much through your studies, not just about Revelation, but about the Bible as a whole. Next week I'm attending a Precepts bible study on Acts and just discovered you're new study on Acts. Can't wait to begin listening to and reading them. Thanks again for your faithfulness to God's word and sharing it with others.

-- Picayune, MS, USA

I have almost completed the book of Revelation, reading it line by line accompanied by your commentary. I have read the New Testament through countless times, but have never really understood Revelation until now. Your commentary is straight forward and makes a book that was but a mystery for me in the past, now a very meaningful experience. Thank you for the work you have done. I am sure a lifetime of learning and inspiration from the Holy Spirit made it possible for you to produce such a marvelous work.

-- email, USA

I wanted to thank you for your knowledge and teaching of the Bible. When I first came to Mabana Chapel I had been avoiding Revelation because I thought it too complicated to think about. Most of what I head heard about it was the "sensational" interpretations. Which kind of turned me off and made me uncomfortable. But you have made it more "real" and walked us through the complicated [parts]. Anyway, I can [now] read through it in peace!

-- Washington, USA

I stumbled across the Spirit and Truth website quite by accident as I was looking for some study aids for the book of Revelation. I can hardly believe my good fortune at finding this site and your teaching! I would have been here years ago had I known, and I thank the Lord for His Spirit leading me here.

I have just completed all of the introduction slides and audio , even listening over again to a few of those and taking notes. Today I begin the first chapter and verse and I am so excited! I have new , blank notebook ready to be filled and a highlighter for my Bible. So, here I go! Thank you so much for your in depth teaching, for your years of study and writing, for listening to God s Holy Spirit. Your teaching has resonated with God s Holy Spirit in me from the first slide and I look forward to each day that I can get up with my morning coffee and turn on my computer to this teaching. I have also interested my husband in this and he has begun the study also.

May God richly bless you for making this available for anyone lucky enough to find this web site.

-- email, USA

I ran across Tony Garland's verse-by-verse commentary on Revelation on the Precept Austin web site. The commentary is outstanding--by far more understandable than most. I especially like the Scripture references and discussion on how to interpret the verses.

-- email, USA

Dr Garland,

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you did through your commentary on the book of Revelation. I have found it to be one of my go-to texts along with other authors such as MacArthur, Barton, Guzik, and Ironside as I have been teaching through Revelation for the last couple years. May the Lord continue to bless you and the work He has ordained for you to accomplish.

-- email, USA

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your studies on the book of Revelation. I have been teaching through the book for over a year now on our midweek services and they have been a real blessing in helping prepare my studies. I had purchased two other commentaries that we supposed to be helpful, but hardly use them as they seem to obscure rather than enlighten in many cases. . . . Thank you again for your conscientious respect of God's Word. I have rarely found a modern commentator that treats the Word of God the way it should be treated. Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry of the Word.

-- missionary in France

The Peace be with you! I am doing a home Bible study on the letters to the seven churches and have been using your excellent commentary (A Testimony of Jesus Christ: A Commentary on the Book of Revelation) as one of my sources, thanks very much for your effort in this work, with, our course, all glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus. . . . I can't imagine all of the proof-reading that has gone into this and once again thanks very much for this great tool, it very useful not only on the level of helping me understand better God's word, but also giving me direction to a few other resources, certainly with the understanding that His word always come first and always praying for revelation directly from the Holy Spirit. May the Lord continue His blessing on you and your family,

-- email, USA

Excellent commentary. As good as R L Thomas' if not better in places.

-- Zeteo 3:16

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for making your material on the Book of Revelation available on-line. It has been a great help in my personal study as well as preparing the material for the class on Revelation I a m currently teaching at my church. Your hard work, comprehensive commentary, and audio lessons have saved me countless hours of research since your commentary pulls from so many different sources.

-- Colorado, USA

Carefully Researched, Well Written Commentary on the Book of Revelation

Tony Garland has produced an excellent commentary on the Book of Revelation that should be in the library of every Bible teacher or serious student of God's word. It is based on a careful and consistent literal, grammatical, historical approach to the book. The result is a solidly pretribulation, premillennial perspective. He fairly and accurately presents alternative viewpoints. To avoid accusations of taking others out of context he frequently provides long quotations of authors not taking his view. The result is a very well researched and extremely comprehensive treatment of this prophetic book.

The commentary is organized into two main sections. The introduction discusses issues of genre, authorship, date, audience and purpose. The commentary itself is organized by chapter and proceeds verse by verse through the entire Book of Revelation. The electronic version of the commentary that I used also had links at each verse to audio recording of the author explaining that verse.

If you are looking for a detailed in-depth treatment of the final book of the Bible I highly recommend getting a copy.


You can't do much better than this 2 volume treatment of the very important last book of The Bible, and very timely because, as it is prophesied in the book of Daniel, as the time of the end approaches, many will go to and fro seeking more knowledge. I believe this is happening with so many pastors now teaching The Book of The Revelation. This set would be an excellent starting point or accompaniment to any study of The Revelation because Tony Garland provides so much excellent background info in addition to his exegesis. I learned a lot from the topical issues and articles that have enriched my understanding and enjoyment of all books in the Bible.


If you are going to teach Revelation, I highly recommend this book. Dr. Garland makes it so easy to understand and gives so many background scriptures. I am enjoying reading, studying and teaching the book of Revelation!!!


Just finished two studies on Revelation and they have simply peaked my interest! I am going to be teaching a class in church and want all the research possible! Thank you for continuing to help me with my research!!

-- Student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

What a great course this is!!! I am a teacher of children and retirement folks (and women on occasion)-I shall be using MUCH of what I have learned about this glorious book and Our Glorious LORD. I am so thankful for your faithful, humble, sound teaching.

-- email, USA

I was blessed to come across and the materials you have provided. I was confident in teaching on Rev. 6:17, specifically the significance of the use of the aorist indicative (not that I am a great Greek scholar), but I was looking for more information. I really appreciated your exposition but I was even more delighted with all the work you have done on the Revelation and the way you made it available. Thank you for your work and your spirit of generosity.

-- Pastor, New Jersey, USA

I Have loved, used, trusted and shared your online Revelation commentary many times and am so excited about what you’re doing with Daniel.

-- email, USA

Thank you for the work behind the Revelation commentary. Yours has been one futurist commentary that takes note of and responds directly to the latest idealist/historicist perspectives.

-- comment on a Blog, USA

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your ministry along with the Spirit and Truth web site. This site offers the most comprehensive collection of qualitative premillennial prophecy teachings I have found on the internet -- and all for free! And the peripheral Bible study helps are invaluable. In particular, I am impressed with your wealth of knowledge of the whole Bible. I have recently purchased your two volume book on Revelation and am looking forward to the completion of your work on Daniel . . . I am very grateful to grow in my knowledge of the Lord and the Bible (in part) through ministries like yours.

-- email, USA

I have had your book on Revelation in electronic format for sometime, but never had the opportunity to read through it. I recently saw that it was available on Logos, so I purchased it. I have the Logos app, so that helps me read it more easily. Just wanted to drop a note and thank you for the work you put into it. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the introductory material and look forward to spending the next few months or so working my way through it.

-- email, USA

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your efforts (along with those of the rest of the staff at S & T) in educating the masses with solid biblical teaching for many who would not find it anywhere else. I am currently reading your 2 vol. book on Revelation. Even though you do not make any claims of originality, I think the originality lies in your efforts to present a wide array of strong source material while putting forth a cogent argument for the pre-trib, pre-millennial point of view in a straight forward manner. Anyone who has read more than 3 books on The Revelation can attest to the wild variations in interpretation that the reader has to wade through. You have obviously studied the subject extensively and it has been extremely helpful to me in certain areas where I have been a bit fuzzy. Of course we should ultimately rely on the leading of the Lord in seeking to sort out questions of prophecy and God’s word in general.

Thanks for all your work and I commend S & T for providing such a valuable resource which has obviously entailed a monumental effort on your part with no cost to the users. May God bless your ministry.

-- email, USA

If you are going to teach Revelation, I highly recommend this book. Dr. Garland makes it so easy to understand and gives so many background scriptures. I am enjoying reading, studying and teaching the book of Revelations!!!


I am teaching the book of Revelation to A small group of people at my church and your commentary is awesome. I love reading through what you have to say about each verse. I use your commentary , The MacArthur study Bible, and the life application study Bible and between these three I feel I am leading the class in the right direction. Thank you so much for your work.

-- email, USA

Thanks for sharing your work on the Revelation. Very valuable.


What a work! Thank you!


... a while ago some friends and I did a multiple-year study of Revelation. Garland was invaluable to me. I love that he makes it all available for free. He and Thomas were my most consulted commentaries.

-- Josh P,

I'm a Catholic Charismatic with a strong Scriptural background (at least for a Catholic), and your [two-volume commentary] caught my attention. I skimmed a bit in [volume 1] and learned a lot about interpretation from that section--thank you. I'm looking forward to reading and digesting the rest. Thank you for all you do for the spread of the Gospel!

-- Reviewer,

The book of revelation has always been a mystery for me, so I appreciate the fact that you have taken on yourself the goal to make it clearer

-- Pepe,

This book is very detailed. It’s a great study on the pre-mill, futurist, rapture end times view. I bought it to use as a comparison resource as I study Revelation. I’m still not convinced on this view and lean towards A-Mill.


I am not fully-satisfied by preterist views of Revelation; nor am I impressed by speculations of futuristic views. You seem to hold forth a balance that I'm interested in Exploring.


Very very good commentary!! If you are studying the book of Revelation this commentary is a must. Way more than I expected. I was dreading teaching but this book makes it so easy.


This book is amazing. I saw it in a seminary library while I was doing research on Revelation in preparation for my SS lesson that I do on my church.


Thanks for your 70+hr audio course on Revelations, I'm really really enjoying it and even though it's a topic I've studied almost daily for years, learning many new things! God Bless!

-- Wisconsin, USA