Acts by Tony Garland

Tony Garland

Following the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, the Church is entrusted with taking the priceless message of the gospel to the world.

01 Acts 1 1-3 Introduction to Acts (Acts 1:1-3)
We discuss the background, historical setting, and purpose of the book of Acts. [50 minutes]
02 Acts 1 4-8 Waiting for the Promise of the Father (Acts 1:4-8)
Jesus instructs the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Promise of the Father before attempting to fulfill the Great Commission. [43 minutes]
03 Acts 1 4-8 Expectations of a Jewish Kingdom (Acts 1:4-8)
Prior to His ascension, the Apostles ask Jesus a puzzling question revealing a continued expectation of a restored Jewish kingdom. Were they simply slow learners who were mistaken? Where did they get such an expectation? [60 minutes]
04 Acts 1 9-12 The Body of Christ Ascends to Heaven (Acts 1:9-12)
Having given instructions to His disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the Father, Jesus is taken up to heaven. [51 minutes]
05 Acts 1 12-26 Willful Unbelief (Acts 1:12-26)
Why did Judas remain faithless despite compelling evidence of the reality of God and the identity of Jesus? [60 minutes]
06 Acts 2 1-4 The Birth of the Church (Acts 2:1-4)
What is the significance of the unusual events which transpired on the Day of Pentecost? Should Christians expect to experience the same events throughout the Church Age? [64 minutes]
07 Acts 2 1-4 Dedication of a Living Temple (Acts 2:1-4)
The events which birthed the Church on the Day of Pentecost also formed and dedicated a new living temple. [54 minutes]
08 Acts 2 5-21 The Beginning of the Great Commission (Acts 2:5-21)
Having received the Promise of the Father, the apostles begin speaking in the unlearned languages of Gentile lands. [47 minutes]
09 Acts 2 22-24 God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility (Acts 2:22-24)
The Bible teaches that God is ultimately sovereign over all that takes place in history yet man is still held responsible for his sinful actions, even when they ultimately contribute to the determined purpose of God. [47 minutes]
10 Acts 2 24-36 Jesus Overcomes Death (Acts 2:24-36)
Jesus overcame death because, as God, He is the very source of life. Those who trust in Him will forever be upheld by His life-giving power. [47 minutes]
11 Acts 2 37-41 Three Thousand Respond to the Gospel (Acts 2:37-41)
Peter’s seeker-unfriendly preaching brings conviction upon thousands who turn in faith to Jesus and are baptized. [49 minutes]
12 Acts 2 42-47 The Simplicity and Priorities of the Early Church (Acts 2:42-47)
The simplicity and priorities of Christian fellowship following the Day of Pentecost serve as a pattern which all churches should follow. [54 minutes]
13 Acts 3 1-16 Peter Heals a Man Born Lame (Acts 3:1-16)
God glorifies His Servant Jesus by healing a lame man through Peter. [42 minutes]
14 Acts 3 17-26 The Prophesied Death of the Prince of Life (Acts 3:17-26)
The prophets foretold a suffering Messiah whose death would accomplish redemption and restoration. [48 minutes]
15 Acts 4 1-12 One Way of Salvation (Acts 4:1-12)
Jesus Christ is the only name under heaven by which we must be saved. [53 minutes]
16 Acts 4 13-22 Fighting Against God (Acts 4:14-22)
The Jewish religious leaders continue to oppose the work of God, even in the face of undeniable miracles. [53 minutes]
17 Acts 4 23-31 Ministering Amidst Opposition (Acts 4:23-31)
Believers petition the Lord for boldness in order that they might proclaim the truth in the midst of great opposition. [41 minutes]
18 Acts 4 32-5 11 Lying to The Holy Spirit (Acts 4:32-5:11)
A husband and wife mislead the church and experience the severity of God's judgment. [50 minutes]
19 Acts 5 12-42 Still Fighting Against God (Acts 5:12-42)
God graciously provides more evidence to the religious leaders of Israel that Jesus is the Messiah. [52 minutes]
20 Acts 6 1-7 Apostolic Priorities (Acts 6:1-7)
To faithfully fulfill God's purposes, the church must continually resist the temptation to invert the priority of the two greatest commandments (Mat. 22:36-40). [56 minutes]
21 Acts 6 8-15 Suppressing the Truth in Unrighteousness (Acts 6:8-15)
Believers are called to be faithful witnesses of the truth, regardless of whether it finds acceptance. [46 minutes]
22 Acts 7 1-53 Serving or Rejecting God? (Acts 7:1-53)
God's message can be rejected by those who believe they serve Him. [46 minutes]
23 Acts 7 51-60 Faithful Unto Death (Acts 7:51-60)
Stephen becomes the first martyr of the Church. Many more will follow. [52 minutes]
24 Acts 8 1-8 God's Purpose in Persecution (Acts 8:1-8)
In the permissive will of God, the early church comes under increasing persecution and many flee from Jerusalem. [50 minutes]
25 Acts 8 9-25 Motivation for Ministry (Acts 8:9-25)
The Holy Spirit is given to the Samaritans and Simon the sorcerer attempts to purchase spiritual power. [56 minutes]
26 Acts 8 26-35 The Gospel in the Old Testament (Acts 8:26-35)
Philip explains the predictions made by Isaiah concerning Jesus to a high-ranking Ethiopian. [48 minutes]
27 Acts 8 36-40 What Hinders Me from Being Baptized? (Acts 8:36-40)
The newfound faith of an Ethiopian believer expresses itself in the desire to be baptized. [53 minutes]
28 Acts 9 1-9 Separated from the Womb (Acts 9:1-9)
The most notable persecutor of the early church becomes one of the greatest champions of the faith. [49 minutes]
29 Acts 9 10-18 That You May Receive Your Sight (Acts 9:10-18)
Saul's physical blindness illustrates a far more serious condition: his spiritual blindness to the things of God. [37 minutes]
30 Acts 9 19-31 Proving that Jesus is The Christ (Acts 9:19-31)
Saul's training and knowledge of the Old Testament made him especially well-suited for the job God gave him. [43 minutes]
31 Acts 9 32-43 The Signs of an Apostle (Acts 9:32-43)
While traveling from Jerusalem down to Joppa, Peter heals a bedridden man and raises a believer from the dead. [48 minutes]
32 Acts 10 1-17 God Changes the Rules (Acts 10:1-17)
Peter struggles with new revelation from God concerning the relationship between Jews and Gentiles. [48 minutes]
33 Acts 10 18-48 The Gentiles Receive the Spirit (Acts 10:18-48)
God surprises Peter and his fellow Jews by pouring out the Holy Spirit upon Gentiles. [44 minutes]
34 Acts 11 1-18 The Gentiles are Granted Repentance Unto Life (Acts 11:1-18)
Peter relates to his skeptical Jewish brethren how God poured out His Spirit upon Gentiles. [37 minutes]
35 Acts 11 19-26 Son of Encouragement (Acts 11:19-26)
Barnabas comes to the aid of the fledgling church at Antioch and fetches Paul to help with the task of discipling new believers. [38 minutes]
36 Acts 11 27-30 Agabus Predicts a Famine (Acts 11:27-30)
How different are New Testament prophets from prophets in the Old Testament? [43 minutes]
37 Acts 12 1-11 An Angel Rescues Peter from Prison (Acts 12:1-11)
Peter seems destined for martyrdom when an angel intervenes to set him free. [45 minutes]
38 Acts 12 12-19 Surprised by the Power of Prayer (Acts 12:12-19)
Peter's release from prison astonishes those praying on his behalf. [37 minutes]
39 Acts 12 20-24 Stealing God’s Glory (Acts 12:20-24)
Herod is judged for failing to give God glory. [52 minutes]
40 Acts 12 25-13 12 Enemy Interference (Acts 12:25-13:12)
A Jewish magician interferes with Paul’s presentation of the gospel. [49 minutes]
41 Acts 13 13-26 The Promised Son of David (Acts 13:13-26)
Jesus is the promised Son of David, the Savior of the world. [49 minutes]
42 Acts 13 27-37 The Promise of Resurrection (Acts 13:27-37)
The death and resurrection of Jesus fulfilled the promises of the fathers of the Jewish nation. [41 minutes]
43 Acts 13 38-39 The Gospel in a Nutshell (Acts 13:38-39)
Paul condenses the gospel down to two verses containing four key words: law, forgiveness, justification, and belief. [43 minutes]
44 Acts 13 40-45 Beware of Unbelief! (Acts 13:40-45)
Paul concludes his evangelistic message by warning his fellow Jews concerning unbelief. Even so, the majority of his countrymen reject Jesus as their promised Messiah. How can the Jews, being so familiar with the Old Testament, be so wrong about Jesus? [1 hour 1 minute]
45 Acts 13 46-52 To the Jew First (Acts 13:46-52)
Although Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles, his evangelistic efforts in new regions always began with the Jews. [48 minutes]
46 Acts 14 1-7 The Myth of Neutrality (Acts 14:1-7)
Paul and Barnabas narrowly escape being stoned to death at Iconium. [46 minutes]
47 Acts 14 8-18 Useless Things (Acts 14:8-18)
God alone is worthy of our worship and praise. [55 minutes]
48 Acts 14 19-22 Many Tribulations (Acts 14:19-22)
Shortly after proclaiming Paul and Barnabas as gods, the crowd participates in the stoning of Paul who is left for dead. [45 minutes]
49 Acts 14 23-28 The Appointment of Elders (Acts 14:23-28)
Paul and Barnabas appoint elders to lead the fledgling churches in Derbe, Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch of Pisidia. [42 minutes]
50 Acts 15 1-11 Guarding the Gospel (Acts 15:1-11)
Do Gentiles, having believed in Jesus, need to be circumcised and keep the law in order to be saved? [48 minutes]
51 Acts 15 12-31 Guidelines for Fellowship (Acts 15:12-31)
If believing Gentiles do not need to be circumcised or keep the law of Moses in order to be saved, what guidelines should they follow and why? [49 minutes]
52 Acts 15 32-41 A Second Chance for Mark (Acts 15:32-41)
Paul refuses to take John Mark on the second missionary journey after his previous failure. Barnabas believes Mark still has potential for Christian service. History shows Barnabas was right. [34 minutes]
53 Acts 16 1-12 Guided by the Spirit (Acts 16:1-12)
Paul, Silas, and Luke are prevented from taking the gospel into two regions and directed elsewhere by the Spirit. [45 minutes]
54 Acts 16 13-15 The Lord Opened Her Heart (Acts 16:13-15)
A business woman praying by the river in Philippi comes to faith. [52 minutes]
55 Acts 16 16-24 A Spirit of Divination (Acts 16:16-24)
A demon-possessed girl is freed leading to Paul and Silas being bound. [40 minutes]
56 Acts 16 25-40 Perspective Amidst Persecution (Acts 16:15-40)
While in prison, the witness of Paul and Silas leads to the conversion of their jailer. [51 minutes]
57 Acts 17 1-4 The Christ Had to Suffer and Rise Again (Acts 17:1-4)
The Scriptures predict the Jewish Messiah had to suffer, but would rise from the dead. [42 minutes]
58 Acts 17 5-15 A Tale of Two Synagogues (Acts 17:5-15)
The Jews of the synagogue in Berea are more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica. [46 minutes]
59 Acts 17 16-23 Worship Gone Wrong (Acts 17:16-23)
Paul finds Athen's packed with idols and interacts with philosophers interested in hearing something new. [48 minutes]
60 Acts 17 24-29 Misconceptions Concerning God and Man (Acts 17:24-29)
Paul addresses common pagan misconceptions at Athens concerning the nature of God and Man. [48 minutes]
61 Acts 17 30-34 Judgment Ahead (Acts 17:30-34)
An appointed day is coming when God will judge the world in righteousness by the only Righteous Man of history. [43 minutes]
62 Acts 18 1-11 Compelled by the Spirit (Acts 18:1-11)
Paul is compelled to preach the gospel and recognizes the limits of his responsibility when evangelizing others. [35 minutes]
63 Acts 18 12-17 Contrary to the Law (Acts 18:12-17)
The Jews accuse Paul of teaching men to worship God contrary to the law. [49 minutes]
64 Acts 18 18-22 Paul Takes a Vow (Acts 18:18-22)
Paul takes a Nazirite vow and keeps a feast in Jerusalem. [48 minutes]
65 Acts 18 23-28 Strengthening the Disciples (Acts 18:23-28)
Paul retraces the path of his second missionary journey in order to strengthen new believers. [46 minutes]
66 Acts 19 1-7 Thrice Baptized (Acts 19:1-7)
Paul encounters disciples of John the Baptist at Ephesus, informs them about Jesus, and they are baptized by the Holy Spirit. [43 minutes]
67 Acts 19 8-10 Concerning the Kingdom of God (Acts 19:8-10)
Paul reasons with the Jews concerning the Kingdom of God, as revealed within the Old Testament. [45 minutes]
68 Acts 19 11-20 Knowing or Using God? (Acts 19:11-20)
People are healed at-a-distance by Paul while Jewish exorcists learn a hard lesson, both of which lead to God’s glorification. [48 minutes]
69 Acts 19 21-41 The Subversive Nature of Truth in a Pagan World (Acts 19:21-41)
The simple teaching that things made by men’s hands are not god leads to an uproar in Ephesus. [1 hour 1 minute]
70 Acts 20 1-12 Paul Restores a Dead Man to Life (Acts 20:1-12)
A young man falls to his death out a third-story window, but is restored to life by Paul. [46 minutes]
71 Acts 20 13-27 Paul and the Ephesian Elders, Part 1 (Acts 20:13-27)
Paul meets with the elders of the church at Ephesus, knowing he will never see them again. [1 hour 1 minute]
72 Acts 20 28-38 Paul and the Ephesian Elders, Part 2 (Acts 20:28-38)
Paul meets with the elders of the church at Ephesus, knowing he will never see them again. [1 hour 13 minutes]
73 Acts 21 1-14 The Will of the Lord be Done (Acts 21:1-14)
Even though the Holy Spirit reveals trouble awaits, Paul cannot be dissuaded from returning to Jerusalem. [1 hour 8 minutes]

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