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Bible Address Tagging Tool

If you are tagging HTML pages for use on the Internet, this tool has been superseded by tools produced by SpiritAndTruth.org (see https://spiritandtruth.org/lookup/lookup_example.htm) and Logos (see http://www.logos.com/reftagger).

General-purpose Bible address tagging program which scans HTML (or other ASCII files) and automatically tags Bible addresses with arbitrary markup text. Automatically converts HTML documents so their Bible addresses become live links to a Bible on the Web. Or specify the '-lbxpbb' flag to tag HTML with Bible links suitable for compiling by the Libronix Personal Book Builder. Other flags tag the file to link with several bible lookup programs on the internet or with the Libronix program on your local machine. Includes Windows command-line utility which can be run without python. Here is an example HTML file tagged to link to both the KJ2000 Bible at SpiritAndTruth.org and to the Libronix Bible program on a local computer (if available). Here is another example with the same tagging but in a different format (using a plus sign rather than an icon). See the version number and description of command line arguments HERE.

4MMon Apr 17 22:23:31 2023
Hebrew and Greek Language Tagging Tool

Scans ASCII files (typically HTML files) and converts Hebrew and Greek markups into corresponding HTML code marked with <span> markers. Hebrew and Greek uses the freely available BSTHebrew and BSTGreek fonts or, optionally, direct unicode values. Includes an associated style sheet allowing the user to specify the font used for unicode display. More information is available HERE. Includes a command-line DOS/Windows utility for those without python. The Hebrew and Greek character mapping can be seen HERE.
206KMon Apr 17 22:23:31 2023
KJ2000 HTML Bible, 2nd edition

A simple HTML version of the KJ2000 bible which supports navigational controls. The bible uses a small amount of javascript in order to provide dynamic capabilities like bible verse lookup engines which typically require a server machine. This simple bible runs entirely within the local web browser and can perform automatic verse lookup. After downloading and uncompressing, look up John 3:16 by typing "./lookup/index.htm?John 3:16". Try it HERE. This bible can be installed on any website and automatically provide quick verse look up capabilities for clients of the site. Dynamic verse lookup operates even when placed on a read-only CDROM. Includes a one-year reading schedule with links to the passages to be read each day.
0KThu Jan 1 03:00:00 1970
XML-to-Excel Converter

Scans an XML file and converts elements into a tab-delimited ASCII file suitable for importing into a spreadsheet program (such as Excel or OpenOffice). The user specifies an XML element (which defaults to <record>) which identifies individual records. The output contains each record as a separate row in the spreadsheet with nested subelements represented as individual columns. See the description HERE.
32KSun Jan 13 10:10:48 2013

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