Q240 : The Abrahamic Covenant and the New Covenant

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Q240 : The Abrahamic Covenant and the New Covenant

Dear brother Henebury,

Can you please explain to me the connection between the promise made to Abraham and the coming of the Spirit? Why does Paul mention in Gal. 3:14 the promise of the Spirit in one breath with the blessing of Abraham coming to the gentiles? If the Spirit has such an important place in the fulfillment of the Abrahamic promise/covenant why isn't He obvious in a certain way in Genesis?

And . . . is the new covenant the fulfillment of the covenant with Abraham? If yes, how and where does the Holy Spirit come in?

Of course I see obvious connections between the Holy Spirit and the new covenant (Isa 44:3; Eze.36:27, 2Cor. 3 and Hebrews) but for some reason or another I don't know how that fits in the Abrahamic covenant?

Can you recommend a book to unravel this mystery to me?

A240 : by Paul Henebury

Regarding your first question it may help you to read my articles on Galatians 3, The Land and the Abrahamic Covenanta.

Regarding the second query I would say that the Abrahamic, Davidic, Priestly Covenants do not have the means of their own fulfillment built into them. They ALL require the New Covenant in Christ (i.e. salvation and reconciliation) in order to come to full literal fruition. Thus, in Ezek. 36-37 you can spot a New Covenant context (Eze. 36:23-27; 37:23) and fulfillment of the other covenants (see Eze. 36:28; 37:21; 37:24; 37:26). One sees this also in Isa. 44, but more clearly in Jer. 33. The Abrahamic Covenant NEEDS the New Covenant to be fulfillment. It needs Jesus Christ!

For more on this may I suggest my series Christ at the Centerb?

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