Q250 : Pretribulational vs. Pre-Wrath Rapture

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Q250 : Pretribulational vs. Pre-Wrath Rapture

Dear Pastor,

Thank You for providing your content on the Spirit and Truth website. I have listened to your Daniel 1-3a lectures and am almost through the Olivet Discourse lecturesb.

I have learned a tremendous amount, particularly from your teaching in Daniel.

I, however have developed a few questions. I grew up in the Christian Reformed church and until recently had very little understanding or awareness of the amazing prophecies in Daniel as well as the rich content in Revelation. I recently switched churches and had my interest spurred by a sermon from Revelation 5. That got me reading and listening. I listened to David Jeremiah's CD set from Revelation and also read a series of books by Robert Van Kampen and Marv Rosenthal teaching what they call pre-wrath rapture of the church.

I am a little confused between pretribulational and pre-wrath rapture views. This linkc alludes to my questions.

I have been so impressed with your teaching I am curious regarding your reaction or where you would point me to sort this out as well as possible.

That is one question. The other is do you have written or audible teaching available for the rest of Daniel? The material on the web only goes through chapter 3 and I would really like to listen to the rest of your teaching.

Thank You for the great teaching. I drive 35 min to work every day and really enjoy the rich content of your teaching.

A250 : by Tony Garland

I'm thankful to hear that our website materials have proven to be beneficial for your understanding of God’s Word!

Regarding the pre-wrath rapture view:

  1. It is an unfortunate name for the particular view regarding the timing of the rapture since the pretribulational rapture view also believes the rapture occurs before God's wrath is poured out at the time of the end. (The difference in timing relates to when one believes God's wrath begins relative to the other events of the Tribulation.)
  2. It is my position that the pre-wrath view fails to take into account all that Scripture teaches concerning the rapture of the church.
Although I haven’t addressed the issue at great length, you can find more on this topic at the following links:

In regard to Daniel, I am presently working on chapter 4 of the Daniel study and companion commentary. My schedule has been such that progress through the book has been slower than I had originally hoped. I will be posting each chapter as soon as I am able to complete it. I would appreciate your prayers for continued progress on the Daniel study.

I am blessed to know our ministry is helping people grow as they seek a deeper relationship with God through His Word.

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