Q266 : Saints Who Die in the Millennial Kingdom

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Q266 : Saints Who Die in the Millennial Kingdom

I want to ask you about what is the outcome of saints surviving the Great Tribulation that enter into the Millennium kingdom. Specifically, as these persons are saints but were not "raptured" with the bride of Christ [as they were not believers at that time] coming to faith after the rapture during the tribulation period that follows, when these saints die in the Millennial Kingdom, when are they resurrected?

Now resurrected, do they enjoy the roles that were rewards to the saints of the OT and Church Age?

Could you please clarify this for me, and/or point me to materials that discuss this and related points for my learning. I'm facilitating a study at our church [Assembly of God affiliate] and it's vital for me to convey unvarnished, scripturally supported learning.

A266 : by Tony Garland

Your question concerning the resurrection of those believers who enter the millennial kingdom while alive (not having been glorified) is a subject upon which we have no definitive answer. The Scriptures do not provide specific information on this aspect, at least as far as I’ve been able to tell

I discuss this subject, albeit briefly, in the my Revelation commentary at Revelation 20:5a. See the comments below the table titled The Resurrectionsb where various views are touched upon.

As for their roles and rewards, my expectation is that they will serve in similar roles and experience similar rewards as other believers—with one important distinction: during the Millennial Kingdom they probably would not serve in government since they are still fallen and subject to sin. (An ideal aspect of government during that period is that it is entirely sinless: Jesus as the head with glorified saints serving below.) After they too are glorified, I see no reason to think they would be treated differently than other saints who were once subject to sin and death, but are subsequently sinless and have a continued role serving God.

Blessings - Tony

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