Q332 : Do You Believe in Historic (Classic) Premillennialism?

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Q332 : Do You Believe in Historic (Classic) Premillennialism?

Do you believe in Historic (Classic) Premillennialism? I'm wanting to learn about this view.

A simple "yes" or "no" to the first question will do. If "yes", I will read what you have authored to learn more.

A332 : by Tony Garland

None of the teachers on SpiritAndTruth.org believe the Scriptures teach Historic (Classic) Premillennialism.

We believe the Scriptures teach that Jesus will return to take up the Church, the body of Christ, prior to the Tribulation—a view which would be more accurately described as “Pretribulational” or “Dispensational” Premillennialism.

Our doctrinal statement sets forth our views:

May the Lord help you to understand the different eschatological views and reach a sound conviction regarding what the Scriptures teach on these matters.

Blessings - Tony Garland

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