Q343 : Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

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Q343 : Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

Hi Tony,

I certainly do love your teaching, and all the rest at Spirit and Truth! Thanks for all you do!

I was looking for some commentary in your Acts 13 teachinga, specifically on verse 48 that speaks of all those who are ordained or appointed to eternal life believed. It seems this was missing from your Acts 13 commentary unless I just missed it? I am sure you know better than I the relevance of this verse and how it is used for a Calvinistic proof text, which I do not support, but that is what I was wondering, how do we explain or understand what this means?

A343 : by Tony Garland

Here are some pointers to teaching on our website that mentions Acts 13:48:

You'll find that all the teachers at our website have a high view of God's sovereignty and uphold the doctrine of electiond:

. . . The sovereignty of God also extends to the doctrine of divine election whereby those chosen by the council of the Lord's own will, shall come to Him in faith (Jn.6:37,39,44; Eph.1:3-18; 2 Thess.2:13). And yet, even though difficult to reconcile in human understanding, the sovereignty of God does not remove the responsibility of man (Habakkuk 1:6,11; Acts 2:22-23,36).

In regard to salvation, our teachers differ in our understanding of whether the Bible teaches that faith is a gift of Gode. I'm among those who see the Bible as teaching, aside from God's intervention, nobody would be saved—and that includes granting the ability to believe (Php. 1:29).

Hope that helps - Tony

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