Q357 : How Could the "Sons of God" in Genesis 6 be Angels?

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Q357 : How Could the "Sons of God" in Genesis 6 be Angels?

To state that the “son’s of God or Son’s of God” were angels is to create more than ones conviction a possible theory. My question is that this changes the basics of what is thought of as orthodox Christianity, into another religion. Do you believe this is so? .

If a Sunday school child asks a Sunday school teacher or parent, “what were/are the Nephilim” what is the Churches response to this question? Is truth relative? What will that teacher, elder or deacon say the bible teaches? My genuine concern is what I have encountered when this subject is broached and addressed by theologians today.

God created all things, even the Nephilim. Angels were created in such a way as to create offspring of human women. Angels being what they are as described elsewhere in scripture (not other sources or religions) took wives.....Q. They were capable of being husbands? Fathers? – Open the door for Lillith....or female angels as well? Perhaps they could become either? Was this an angel using a human male at random to produce “other” or another type of human offspring....or were the offspring HYBRID”S?

I can give you names and sermons on line that teach. They were hybrid offspring and that demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim that survived the flood. Chuck Missler. John MacArthur I believe states that they are offspring of Angels and human women but that it was some sort of Demonic Possession of sorts. perhaps the Nephilim were like Rosemary’s baby, but bigger? WERE there male and female Nephilim? Created in God's image, kinda..... are they privy to salvation.

These are the attributes of the Triune God I know of Scripture. I could go on and on.

Some dispensationalists await a repeat. Do you? Is this the Anti-Christ? What version will he be? Can more of these offspring be converted?

What I am most concerned about is the doctrinal teaching or “leap of faith”....being taught as truth, to these generations. Genitically altered offspring and designer children will seem like a solution to clean up a tainted gene pool? Especially gender distinctions????? Or that Alien Seeding theories out there that are very seductive – are true.....and that human women found things other than men very, very desirable. Please.

The serpent seed doctrine alive and well in the foothills of Virginia... and other such lore.

Muslims, Walt-Disney and “Unity and Diversity” churches are all singing the same song. They hate doctrine. .Check out what Muslims believe before they want to claim Abraham as their father......Eye opening.... Aren't angels and the Ginn the same thing? How not?

Check out the spiritual world I the Disney movies...(.of Earth, Water, Fire and Air) .....in the Frozen Movies for Children.....and Well...... why not teach ......offspring are the result of angels and human women. Hybrids.....and that they may return.....at any time.... Is the church ready to take this leap as well?

A357 : by Tony Garland

I can appreciate your concern and numerous questions concerning the identity of the "Sons of God," especially in the mysterious passage in Genesis 6.

Like many other passages touching on the angelic realm, and especially in regard to fallen angels, the Scriptures provide precious little in the way of detail. As a teacher of God's Word, my job is to exposit these passages in a way where I take the text as carefully as possible and also avoid speculation going beyond what the Scriptures reveal. When I do so in regard to Genesis 6 (and passages which I believe are related: 2Pe. 2:4; Jude 6-8), then I personally am forced to the conclusion that these are indeed fallen angels. There are many careful interpreters of Scripture who reach a similar conclusion.

Do I have all the answers as to the implications that flow from this identification? No. But as a teacher of Scripture, I am beholden to follow the text as carefully as possible, wherever it leads—even when it leads to areas/conclusions which I don't particularly like or are often ridiculed.

You can read more on my views concerning this topic in the Question and Answer section of our website:

As believers, each of us must take the entire set of passages which touch on a given subject and reach the best conclusion we can about what the Scriptures are teaching. In my view, as awkward and uncomfortable as it may be, the evidence for taking the "sons of God" as angels is convincing. Others may see it differently. As to the many other questions you raise, I'm not in a position to go beyond what Scripture reveals on this topic—I wouldn't advise placing much stock in secular sources (Hollywood or others) in an attempt to augment a Biblical understanding on issues such as these. We can expect (and do see) cultural trends which increasingly embrace ideas related to the demonic realm which, in my view, are part of a trend of growing godlessness that will eventually flower as intense hatred of God in the terminal generation prior to the Second Coming.

Do I expect a similar event to what is described in Genesis 6 to repeat in the time of the end? No.

I learned much from the ministry of the late Chuck Missler as a new believer, but his use of Matthew 24:23 (cf. Luke 17:26) in service of this idea twists the passage completely out-of-context. Jesus is talking about how unexpected the coming of the Son of Man will be (in my view, ushering in the day of judgment, the day of the Lord—1 Thessalonians 5:2) and how that aspect will be like the sudden and unexpected nature of the arrival of the flood in the days of Noah—as the next verse or two make abundantly clear: . . . . "therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect." It is the Son of Man who is coming—as a thief—not the Nephilim (again)!

Nor do I expect the Antichrist to bear some relation to a line of descent involving fallen angels (although clearly spiritually empowered and raised under the auspices of Satan).

As to the Ginn (or Jinn) of Islam, yes they would appear to relate to fallen angels—behind the popular notion of Genie and connected with concepts embodied in the word "genius."

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