Q379 : The Time Needed to Rebuild Babylon (Once Again)

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Q379 : The Time Needed to Rebuild Babylon (Once Again)

Hello Mr. Garland,

I just passed through Jeremiah 50-51 again and couldn't help think back to when I first started a journey of study in 2014. Seeking the Truth.

I thought I would reach out here in 2020 and see if you have had any recent additional insights about Babylon?

My feeling is that Babylon is so large of an impact to the world in this end time description that it will indeed be rebuilt. And that may be a precondition given the apparent world scale involved. Meaning, it seems that the rebuilding of a city at this scale and interaction with the world would have a greater than 7 years time span (of course, all things are possible with God).

Meaning, it couldn't be rebuilt during the tribulation period. However, we do not know when the city will be rebuilt, but it is imminent, and I look to it as a sign to come ...

A379 : by Tony Garland

I can’t offer any additional information regarding secular developments concerning Babylon, but I have yet to come across anything that would dissuade me of what Scripture teaches: the city of Babylon plays an important role at both ends of history.

As to when its role in future developments will become more obvious, I can’t predict, since Scripture gives us only limited insight.

Some seem convinced it can’t be the literal city because of the time needed to rebuild such a city—and to garner the necessary global influence inferred by Scripture at the time of the end.

I don’t share their viewpoint: Scripture doesn’t reveal exactly when the city will be rebuilt or how long it may take — only that it will.

Nor is there any passaged I’m aware of that would connect the rebuilding of the city with the return of Jesus for His Church. The Rapture and the rebuilding of Babylon have no defined relative timing relationship within Scripture. Thus, the amount of time it may take for Babylon to regain significance politically and commercially does not affect the imminency of Jesus’ return for the Church.

For more on this issue, I can recommend Dr. Wood’s recent book: Babylon: The Bookends of Prophetic Historya.

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