Q84 : A Second Work of the Spirit?

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Q84 : A Second Work of the Spirit?

I've been greatly blessed. I work over night shift and I am free to listen to my MP3 player most of the night and I have found your teachings to be of great benefit in building up my faith.

I am presently listening and reading the material on the promise of the Father and I have a question. I've always believed that there is a further work after salvation but in my heart I really have dismissed the evidence of speaking in other tongues but I think John 20:22 (And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”) would suggest that the Disciples did receive the Holy Spirit before the day of Pentecost but were filled at Pentecost. I haven't really gone through the material thoroughly yet so I'm not sure whether you touched on that or not. I'd like your opinion since this was one of the deciding factors for me to believe in a further work. My thinking does fall in line with Chuck Smith's but I am frustrated with the idea that someone needs to speak in other tongues at the altar. I simply believe that if you ask Jesus to fill you He will and the results will follow.

One other question is where John the Baptist said that Jesus was given the Spirit without measure which implies to me that the Spirit can really be limited by us. One other thing as far as a personal experience is that I did receive an actual healing through prayer at the altar. There was no hype just a simple prayer by a humble elder and my back was healed. I just don't want to limit God but I am frustrated and very leery of the things that are going on today with the so called Elijah List people and I do not define Charismatic as that. I just simply define Charismatic as believing that God is the same today and He still uses the same gifts that He has always used in the church.

I respect your opinion and the gifting God has placed in you brother so please feel free to explain as you feel free to do so.

A84 : by Tony Garland

I myself was born-again in a Charismatic church and spent my first five years discipled in that movement. My views some 16 years later have changed, due to in part to my experiences in the Charismatic movement but also further study of the Scriptures—especially the importance of understanding historical context within which various passages occur. As a result, I would no longer describe myself or my views as “Charismatic.”

The following items on the website may help indicate what my thoughts are regarding the idea that there is a second work, typically considered to be Spirit baptism, beyond salvation:

Regarding John 20:22, it is my belief that Jesus gave the disciples a special endowment of the Spirit at that point in association with His post-resurrection teaching — so their eyes, ears, and spirits would be enabled to receive and understand His teaching prior to His ascension. The Apostle Peter himself makes it abundantly clear that what happened at Pentecost (and thereafter to the Samaritans and Gentiles) was Spirit Baptism which did not occur prior to the Day of Pentecost (Acts 11:15-16; 15:7-8). This is why the Day of Pentecost is widely known as “the birthday of the Church” because prior to that day, the “Body of Christ” did not exist. The Spirit came to initiate this new spiritual organism which ministers in Christ's absence during our age.

I do agree what we can limit the work of the Spirit (by grieving Him or whether we are filled, and how often) but do not believe we can limit the regenerating, baptizing, or sealing ministries He performs. These latter ministries are most definitely not repetitive in nature. In our present historical context, I believe these now occur at the moment of salvation.

This is a large topic with considerable subtleties which is almost impossible to address in a short Question and Answer format. I'd encourage you to check out the links above to get a better idea of my views as an ex-Charismatic.

May God bless you as you seek to understand what the Scriptures teach concerning spiritual gifts.

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