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245Amillennialism and the Land Promise

Paul Thanks very much for your series of Biblical Covenantalism. I stumbled upon this at just the time I needed it - and therefore believe God led me to your . . . [read more]

145Adding To or Removing From God’s Word

Andy, I really love your ministry and I have grown so much and continue to be encouraged by your ministry through Dr. Mal Couch’s Gathering Storm CD's. I want to ask you two questions . . . [read more]

110The Truth Project and Amillennialism

I was interested in finding out a little more regarding The Truth Project by Focus on the Family. I was interested in doing the study at our . . . [read more]

54Scofield Study Bible and the Millennial Kingdom

I am brand new to your site. I have a question regarding Bibles. I have just about every version I can think of except the TNIV and The Old Scofield Bible. Can you tell me which is better: . . . [read more]

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