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375Is Systematic Theology Harmful?

A friend and I are having a disagreement on systematic theology. He states it is bad and he is very much against Calvinism and believes they use systematic theology. He thinks that it has to . . . [read more]

350Israel’s Failure to Uphold the Mosaic Covenant

Thank you in advance for attending to my question. I have been particularly confused with regards to how the Mosaic Covenant affects the postponement of the millennial Kingdom. Here are the . . . . [read more]

348What is the Unpardonable Sin?

Dear Andy, What is the "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit [which] will not be forgiven" mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 12:31-32, also referred to as the "unpardonable . . . . . [read more]

317Who Enters the Millennial Kingdom?

Dr. Woods, Who actually do you believe enters the millennial kingdom? Matthew 25:31-46 says the righteous (sheep) inherit ETERNAL life. Does this imply they don’t enter into the millennial . . . . . [read more]

316How to Respond to the Teaching that the Church is "Spiritual Israel"?

Dear Pastor Andy, I am a believer in Christ Jesus. A friend of mine just sent me the links for why the Church is not Israel. I just listened to all four of your teachings. What a tremendous . . . . [read more]

311The Timing of the Invasion of Israel by Gog of the Land of Magog

I recently began watching your YouTube videos on various eschatology topics and have been thrilled with your more overt methodical and scriptural approach. I was wondering if you have further . . . [read more]

303What if Israel had Accepted Christ at His First Coming?

Hi Dr. Woods, I am an avid listener to Brannon Howse World View Weekend, and enjoy your teaching. I am reading your latest book, The Coming Kingdom . . . [read more]

300Interpretation and the Twenty-Four Elders of Revelation 4

Dr. Woods, Thank you for the thorough study on the history leading up to the Protestant Reformation. This info is a must for every believer, especially in . . . [read more]

255Repeating the Thessalonian Error

Dear Andy, I've read through your rapture articles and completely agree with your pre-trib position. However, in the wake of current political global events . . . [read more]

247Resources for Understanding the Book of Revelation

Dear Dr. Wood

I am attempting a study Revelation and have recently found you on TV.

In this undertaking I am attempting to write a sermon for each chapter in order to teach this . . . [read more]

231Is Today's Return of Israel Scriptural?

I started feeling some real disturbance in my spirit over the past few years, both on how Christians almost have a worship of Israel, and from my economic and historical research into the . . . [read more]

225Groanings of the Spirit

Dear Pastor Woods, I have recently been exploring the issue of the continuation of the gifts of speaking in tongues, prophecy, and knowledge in our time. I was raised Evangelical and have . . . [read more]

200Abraham's Expectation of a Heavenly Homeland

I'm preaching from the letter to the Hebrews. I read the introduction from Andy about this letter. While the most of the letter I can follow very well there are some texts which are difficult . . . [read more]

189Home Schooling Resources

Hello Mr. Woods, I recently listened to your message on America's Christian Heritage. I've also just . . . [read more]

188James, Faith, and the Ryrie Study Bible

Dr Woods, I really enjoy your articles and insights. I wanted to ask your opinion on something. Like you, my primary Bible has been the Ryrie Study Bible. I use the Ryrie NASB is my own . . . [read more]

185Can Tribulation Saints Lose their Salvation? (Part 1)

Could you comment on this article by Jack Kelly which maintains that only the Church has been . . . [read more]

183Eschatology of Dispensationalism vs. Historic Premillennialism

Dear Pastor Woods, I struggle and struggle with eschatology [the study of last things] between the viewpoints of Dispensationalism and Historic Premillennialism. What advice can you give me . . . [read more]

172One Taken and One Left

Hey Andy, I listened to the rapture material and am wondering if Matthew 24:32-42 applies to the . . . . . [read more]

156Was Eating the Forbidden Fruit Symbolic or Literal?

Greetings from Europe. I have been viewing your Powerpoint presentation on The Fall of Man. It is quite interesting. You are . . . [read more]

153The Content of Saving Faith

This morning I was distraught following yet another attempt to witness to my mother who was raised in the Unity cult where they believe there is no Satan, no hell, God is only love, etc. She . . . [read more]

151Does Repentance Precede Faith?

Hi Andy, Thanks for you great article on salvation. Would you agree that although only 'belief' (being a Greek word that entails more . . . [read more]

145Adding To or Removing From God’s Word

Andy, I really love your ministry and I have grown so much and continue to be encouraged by your ministry through Dr. Mal Couch’s Gathering Storm CD's. I want to ask you two questions . . . [read more]

142John Piper’s Views on Salvation

Dr. Woods, Our church has decided to use John Piper's material for our children’s Sunday morning Bible study material. I know he is not dispensational but covenant theology. My question . . . [read more]

141Did Jesus refer to the Rapture in John 11?

Dr Woods, I've been listening to your presentations on What is the Rapture? and . . . . . [read more]

133The Virgin Birth of Immanuel

Dr. Woods, I enjoyed your excellent article on Matthew’s use of Hosea 11:1. As a Jewish Christian it troubled me for many years, and . . . [read more]

118Ryrie Study Bible

Andy, I have a Ryrie study Bible and find it a very good source of information—quite encyclopedic. However, it does not seem to have much dispensational teaching (like Scofield's 1917 . . . [read more]

112Favorite Bible Translation

Hi Andy, I'm enjoying your videos on Genesis Chapter 3. I wanted to ask what bible translation you use and recommend. . . . [read more]

109The Preterist Interpretation of the Olivet Discourse

Dr. Woods, I am writing my dissertation on the topic of a pastors guide for teaching the Olivet Discourse. focusing on the Book of Matthew, but I plan to cover the differences in Mark and . . . . . [read more]

107Interpreting the Parables of Matthew 13

I had a chance to listen to you speak at Calvary Chapel Philadelphia back in September. In the Last Days Apostasy of the Church portion you quickly touched on the parables in Matthew 13. It . . . [read more]

105The Last Trump

I was reading over your notes on the rapture. I know you have more than likely addressed many people before on this subject. You . . . [read more]

92Babylon in Apocalyptic Battles

I recently had a conversation with Dr. Renny Showers of Friends of Israel about Babylon and he noted that it is difficult to place a political or military . . . [read more]

91The Timing of Gog and Magog

May I ask you - where do you place the Gog and Magog war in the book of Revelation? Most people seem to place it at the midpoint of the tribulation - which is one of the trumpets I think - . . . [read more]

87Babylon in Revelation

Dear Andy Woods, I am a seminary student at the Master's Seminary. I am writing a paper on Babylon in Jeremiah. Do you have any work or know of any work that . . . [read more]

86Does the Holy Spirit work only through Believers?

Hey Andy, I listen to you often on the Gathering Storm CDs with Dr. Mal Couch and greatly enjoy them. I have a . . . [read more]

80The Parable of the Four Soils

Andy, I have really enjoyed your teaching with Dr. Mal Couch. I receive many of the CDs you and Dr. Couch have done and have learned so much from your teaching. I wonder if I could have a . . . . . [read more]

75Two New Covenants?

I just read the article by Andy Woods entitled What is the relationship of the Church to the New Covenant. You state the . . . . . [read more]

34Women as Deacons

I am on a team charged with establishing a constitution and by-laws for a new church. We are addressing the Spiritual Infrastructure of the church as described in the NT. Presently we are . . . . [read more]

26Global Context of Revelation 13

You're right of course that ge sometimes does have a global referent and preterists recognise this. The question is does it have it in Rev 13? Interestingly I note that although . . . [read more]

25Global Context of Revelation 13

I'm currently working my way through issues related to preterism. In a review of La Haye and Ice's . . . . . [read more]

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