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377Who is Ahasuerus mentioned in Daniel 9:1?

My question is in Daniel 9:1 where a character called Ahasuerus is mentioned who is identified as the father of Darius the Mede. The identifications for this Ahasuerus are Astyages and . . . [read more]

248The Book of Daniel and the Old Testament

Charles, My Bible study class is studying the book of Daniel. I have read your article The Date and Authorship of the Book of Daniel as . . . [read more]

72The Identity of Daniel's Coming Prince

For Dr. Charles Ray: Recently, I have conducted a great deal of intense theological research into the KJV transliterated passage of Daniel 9:26, and I hereby humbly submit my findings to the . . . [read more]

67Extending Israel's Exile?

Charles, In part two of your 4-part series on Daniel, you wrote:

To suggest there is here an extension of the exile is ridiculous. Porteous, for . . . [read more]

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