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283Interpretation and Salvation

Is a belief in the literal interpretation of the Bible prerequisite to . . . . . [read more]

282Genesis and an Old Earth?

My understanding of the origin of the universe is pretty close to the Big Bang, but I'm not sure (of course, uncertainty is the core of the Scientific Method). I have no issues whatsoever . . . . . [read more]

218Dispensationalism and the Gap Theory

In our men's bible study we have some people that are members of Brethren (think Darby, Chapman, Mueller) church bodies, and they hold a somewhat bizarre theory that there was a gap of time . . . [read more]

173Have Modern Scientific Theories Rendered Psalm 19 Irrelevant?

A self-described atheist writes: [In your Q&A article on Accepting Christ after His Return you state], ‘Paul makes it clear that those who reject God do not lack . . . [read more]

169A Pre-Adamic Race of Men?

Dear Tony, I have been quite confused concerning a couple issues on demonology. My pastor teaches that demons are not fallen angels (I believe they are) but are disembodied spirits from a . . . . . [read more]

156Was Eating the Forbidden Fruit Symbolic or Literal?

Greetings from Europe. I have been viewing your Powerpoint presentation on The Fall of Man. It is quite interesting. You are . . . [read more]

115How Long were the Days of Creation?

At the end of each “day” of creation, it ends with, “and the evening and the morning were the first day.” By our standards, a day, and the sections such as evening and morning, are defined by . . . [read more]

114What are the Waters Above?

On the second day of creation, it is said that God created a “firmament,” which I assume means the sky. It said that He created it to divide the “waters from the waters,” which, in my . . . [read more]

113A Young Man Struggles with Faith

I wish to offer, in advance, my apologies if I come across as demeaning at all — I don't wish to offend you in any way, and I will try to choose my words carefully. I don't believe I . . . [read more]

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