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375Is Systematic Theology Harmful?

A friend and I are having a disagreement on systematic theology. He states it is bad and he is very much against Calvinism and believes they use systematic theology. He thinks that it has to . . . [read more]

373Is Dispensationalism Heretical?

Hello, I believe in dispensationalism as it makes the most sense to me and it's clear that the church is different from the nation of Israel. However, with me being a dispensationalist and . . . [read more]

258Learning from Christian Blogs

Greetings from New Zealand I emailed you back in 2004 regarding preterist interpretations of Revelation 1.7 and other issues regarding Nero. I printed off your whole . . . . . [read more]

210Why Care About the Timing of the Rapture?

Dear Tony, Does it matter what position one holds regarding the timing of the Rapture? As long as we agree that the Rapture would take place, and that Israel and the church are distinct, then . . . [read more]

205Why Can't Doctrinal Balance be Found?

I am often frustrated that each flavour of evangelical church seems to cover some Biblical gems very well but at the expense of other areas. For example, the new charismatic church appears to . . . [read more]

122Getting Started Studying the Bible

I wish to begin a more in depth study in the Bible, but to tell you the truth I don't really know where to begin or end. Can you provide some . . . . . [read more]

32Courses at

I would like to know more about your studies. I have some questions. Are these studies free?, Do you study them at your own pace? Where do you begin, at the particular study available at the . . . [read more]

19Attributes of God

I will be introducing my nephew (10) to some basic Greek and theology over the course of the summer, and for the theology part I would like him to memorize the fourteen attributes of God as . . . . [read more]

9Teaching New Believers

I am working on finding some outlines or articles on Learning God's truth and why we believe. Is the bible really God's word and how to apply it to our lives. I work with our youth at Grace . . . [read more]

7Perspective of

Just wondering where you are coming from? Baptist, Reformed, Charismatic . . . . . . . . [read more]

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