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387Misusing Greek when Interpreting a Bible Passage

[This Q-and-A is in response to an exchange I had with a correspondent to our website in which they gave the following example — which serves as an illustration of an interpretive . . . [read more]

367The Seals of Revelation and Cardinal vs. Ordinal Numbering

I am writing to you from France. I am passionate about the scriptures and have been studying for several years now. Spending days and nights there, but you must know what it is. As I say so . . . [read more]

327The Identity of the New Testament Text

Pastor Tony, I have a question I would trust few to answer regarding Wilbur Pickering’s book, . . . . . [read more]

281Hebrew and Greek Language Study Resources

My daughter would like to delve more into the Hebrew and Greek meanings of words. (She doesn't read either language.) She's aware that every word that God uses is intentional & therefore . . . [read more]

201Using Strong’s Numbers

Can you tell me where I can find the original meanings for words and numbers, in Hebrew and Greek (Old and New Testaments), for the KJV . . . . . [read more]

160Oldest Known Bible?

It's been a while since I've written in, but I saw this report on the CNN website about the Oldest Known . . . [read more]

59Word Meanings in the KJV Bible

I wanted to ask about helps for reading the KJV Bible. There are many resources available for the archaic words—that's not a problem. I'm concerned about words that I already know but . . . [read more]

55Hebrew and Greek Bible Study

I want to read the Bible in Its original languages. Can you suggest any good Hebrew-Greek . . . . . [read more]

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