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322Obedience and Service for the Lord

Hello Dr. Garland, I am at a loss here, my heart is quite burden by the things that are occurring in my local church. For the most part, we are a small group of believers and for the most part . . . [read more]

148Discerning God’s Will

Tony, Do you believe the Bible teaches that God has an individual will for each person? I have struggled with seeking and praying for God's will in my life with many decisions. Recently it was . . . [read more]

103Why Should Believers be Baptized?

We have been attending [a church] regularly and the topic of Baptism came up. I see nothing in scripture where this is mandatory, and when the Apostles discussed circumcision etc. for today's . . . [read more]

83Knowing God's Will

At a meeting last night the question was asked, “How does one determine and know what God's will is?” . . . . . [read more]

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