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348What is the Unpardonable Sin?

Dear Andy, What is the "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit [which] will not be forgiven" mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 12:31-32, also referred to as the "unpardonable . . . . . [read more]

345Gabriel’s Bitter-Sweet Prophecy to Daniel

When the 70 weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 are over, the 6 goals of 9:24 are fulfilled, which means a tremendous blessings for Israel. But it seems a strange transition from the end of 9:27 back to . . . [read more]

322Obedience and Service for the Lord

Hello Dr. Garland, I am at a loss here, my heart is quite burden by the things that are occurring in my local church. For the most part, we are a small group of believers and for the most part . . . [read more]

320To Whom is the Warning Passage of Hebrews 6 Addressed?

Pastor Tony, Our church is going through the book of Hebrews and I started reading it again to be one step ahead throughout the study. I got to the passage referenced above and have come to . . . [read more]

304If Christ Paid for All Our Sin, Why Does Sin Affect Our Fellowship with God?

I am currently going through Andy Wood's study on Soteriology. In one of the lessons he tells us about progressive sanctification, and during that process our . . . [read more]

302What is a Carnal Christian?

Hello Tony, In Andy's study on Soteriology part 16, he went into specific situations . . . [read more]

205Why Can't Doctrinal Balance be Found?

I am often frustrated that each flavour of evangelical church seems to cover some Biblical gems very well but at the expense of other areas. For example, the new charismatic church appears to . . . [read more]

203Are Believers Sinners?

Hi Tony,

I’m confused. I’ve been told we’re still sinners after we’re "born again." Most have referred to the Apostle Paul when he said in 1Timothy 1:15, “It is a trustworthy . . . [read more]

121Victory over Sin

I think the reason my pastor preaches on the cross of Christ so much is that he believes it is the solution to every single problem ever faced by a Christian. He says that even after a person . . . [read more]

120Lost People Groups

This is very commonly asked question, but my concern is with the people who have never had the chance to hear the gospel. Take, for instance, China, 40 A.D. The gospel had barely circulated . . . [read more]

94Sinners or Saints?

Hi Tony, I appreciate your wisdom and knowledge of the Bible. I have two quotes I've heard from pastors, theologians, and Christians in general. The two quotes are:

  1. “We're all . . . [read more]

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