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338Listening to Audio and Video Presentations Offline on a Phone or Tablet

May I ask: are the videos teachings of Dr.Andy Woods on website downloadable for offline purposes? If so, can you please tell me how? I have . . . [read more]

318Understanding Symbols within Strong's Concordance

I read in your answer regarding Strong’s numbers an explanation of usage of "x" and "+"—my question is in regard to the meaning of letters . . . [read more]

312Listening to Audio Presentations when Offline

Hello, I recently came across your teachings and love them!! I looked for any on audible CD and don't see any. Am I by chance missing them, or do you only offer in print? My elderly mother is . . . [read more]

286Recommended Biblical Theologies

I just read your review of Greg Beale's A New Testament Biblical . . . [read more]

247Resources for Understanding the Book of Revelation

Dear Dr. Wood

I am attempting a study Revelation and have recently found you on TV.

In this undertaking I am attempting to write a sermon for each chapter in order to teach this . . . [read more]

239Interpretive Bias in the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Greetings in Christ, I've long appreciated the Spirit & Truth website and ministry, especially in the area of prophecy and of general Biblical studies. Recently I obtained a copy of the . . . [read more]

233Understanding the Book of Isaiah

I am doing a study on the Book of Isaiah, but I am so lost. Can you recommend a source of information that will perhaps be more understandable? The teacher is using Arnold Fruchtenbaum's mp3, . . . [read more]

215Understanding Symbols within Strong's Concordance

Hi, I have been trying to find out the meaning of 'X' in dictionary entries for Strong's Concordance - what is it for? At times there are some other signs (e.g., '+'). Can you explain . . . [read more]

201Using Strong’s Numbers

Can you tell me where I can find the original meanings for words and numbers, in Hebrew and Greek (Old and New Testaments), for the KJV . . . . . [read more]

159Availability of The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

I have been trying to find a hardcopy of the book The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge but I have not been able to . . . [read more]

157Premillennial Commentaries

I was wondering if you would be able to help me. I am a preterist but am wanting to look at the historic and dispensational premillennial view of end times. I was wondering if you could give . . . [read more]

154Obtaining a Print Version of the Revelation Commentary

Hello Tony, I downloaded your Commentary on Revelation. I was wondering how I can order a hard copy and what the cost would be, including . . . [read more]

124Recommended Study Bibles

I would like to know which Study Bibles are the most theological accurate in your opinion and why? I am considering purchasing a Study Bible and I want to buy a good . . . . . [read more]

122Getting Started Studying the Bible

I wish to begin a more in depth study in the Bible, but to tell you the truth I don't really know where to begin or end. Can you provide some . . . . . [read more]

66Three Important Books

Good morning. Concerning the 3 books to be stranded on an island with:

  • You mention the KJV Bible. Does this not include the NKJV?
  • You mention an exhaustive concordance . . . [read more]
57Courses at

I would like to take a course study on your program, but I don't know how. I am very much interested to study the word of God and I hope you can help me regarding this matter. I was able to . . . [read more]

51Patience vs. Longsuffering

What is the difference between longsuffering and Patience? I am enjoying listening to your Study on Colossians. I like the idea of people asking questions while you are teaching. . . . . . [read more]

12Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible

I wanted to ask your opinion of the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible (in any of the available translations). I heard that this is a dispensationally oriented Bible with many good language . . . [read more]

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