Issues In Genesis

Andy Woods

Andy Woods discusses the interpretation of the early chapters of Genesis, and the impact of an evolutionary world view upon both evangelicalism and the secular culture. [2 hours 26 minutes]

01 Progressive Creationism The Growing Evangelical Apostasy that Denies Genesis 1-11 as Literal History
Andy discusses the growing denial of the opening chapters of Genesis as literal history by evangelicals and its detrimental effects. The presentation includes an exegetical analysis of Progressive Creationism, as popularized by Dr. Hugh Ross.
02 Legal And Social Aspects Of Evolution The Legal and Social Aspects of Evolution History
Many are aware that an evolutionary world-view has largely supplanted the Biblical world-view of our Creator God. Yet few realize the dangers posed by an evolutionary world-view, especially as it relates to legal and social practices within our culture. Andy draws upon his legal background to illustrate these dangerous trends. [1 hour 15 minutes]

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