Issues In Hermeneutics

Andy Woods

Andy Woods discusses aspects of Dispensational Hermeneutics: (1) the use of a grammatico-historical method of interpretation; (2) a proper understanding of the role of genre when interpreting a passage.

These presentations were made at the Tyndale Theological Seminary Church Issues Weekend held on April 22-23, 2005. These presentations appear by permission of the Tyndale Theological Seminary. [137 minutes]

01 Grammatico Historical Method Dispensational Hermeneutics: The Grammatico-Historical Method
What makes someone a dispensationalist? While many view Dispensationalism as a mere theological system, this assessment is inaccurate. In actuality, Dispensationalism has more to do with commitment to a particular hermeneutic then it does to adherence to a theological model. The Dispensational theological system arises out of a hermeneutic rather than from a theology imposed upon Scripture. The purpose of this paper is to describe this hermeneutic and explain how Dispensationalism is its natural by-product. [68 minutes]
02 Matter Of Genre Dispensational Hermeneutics: The Matter of Genre
Despite the fact that genre can be a helpful device in interpreting Scripture, today's evangelicals have pushed the concept too far. Today, genre is often used as an excuse for suspending the ordinary rules of hermeneutics. [69 minutes]

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