Christian Ethics

Paul Henebury

Paul Henebury presents a series of lectures concerning Christian Ethics. This material is part of a course on the same subject which may be undertaken for credit at Telos Biblical Institute. [13 hours, 5 minutes]

This series of lectures is an introduction and orientation to the field of Christian Ethics. It grows out of a distinct emphasis on the Biblical Worldview as seen from the standpoint of Systematic Theology. The course surveys the various approaches to Ethics (deontological, teleological, situational), centering them around the truths of Scripture. It proposes a holistic view epistemologically and a 'Case-oriented' approach practically.


  1. To understand something of the range of ethical approaches.
  2. To grasp the importance of a distinctively Christian approach to ethics based upon theology.
  3. To appreciate how specific doctrines (e.g. imago dei, resurrection, sanctification) affect our thinking about morality.
  4. To gain a greater appreciation of how the Ten Commandments undergird an Ethic of Love.
  5. To see how ethical decision-making need not run one into contra-causal dilemmas.
  6. To understand how bioethics is impacted by prior allegiance to sound theology.


Also recommended:

01 Ethics and Scripture Ethics and Scripture
Paul explores the basis and motivation for ethical living for the Christian as based upon Scripture. [45 minutes]
02 Definitions and Texts Definitions and Texts
Paul explores pitfalls to avoid when evaluating how to live morally according to the Bible and discusses how Christian Ethics are to be defined. [37 minutes]
03 Results Rules and Motives Results, Rules, and Motives
Paul discusses the driving factors behind different ethical systems and concludes that only the Christian system of ethics provides an adequate basis for proper living. [40 minutes]
04 The Christian View of Truth The Christian View of Truth
Paul discusses the Christian basis for objective truth and it's incompatibility with postmodernism. [27 minutes]
05 Christ and Truth Christ and Truth
For the Christian, God is the sole source of truth--truth being the very embodiment of His character. Those who reject Christ and His Word cannot know objective truth and lack any true basis for ethical behavior. [16 minutes]
06 The Image of God in Man The Image of God in Man
Paul discusses the significance of man as created in God's image and therefore an ethical being unique from the animals. [43 minutes]
07 Ethics and the Resurrection Ethics and the Resurrection
Scripture connects the motivation and ability of the believer to follow God-given ethical guidelines and principles with our identification with Christ in His resurrection. [41 minutes]
08 Union with Christ Union with Christ
Paul discusses the ethical implications of the believer's relation to Jesus in view of what was accomplished by our union with Christ. [43 minutes]
09 Sanctification Sanctification
Paul discusses both the positional and progressive aspects of sanctification in the life of the believer and their relationship to ethical living. [34 minutes]
10 The Fruit of the Spirit 1 The Fruit of the Spirit: Part 1
Paul discusses the fruit of the Spirit which should manifest in the ethical living of a believer. [38 minutes]
11 The Fruit of the Spirit 2 The Fruit of the Spirit: Part 2
Paul discusses the fruit of the Spirit which should manifest in the ethical living of a believer. [32 minutes]
12 The Primary Forms of Love The Primary Forms of Love
Although love is often thought to be a somewhat nebulous concept, Jesus taught that exhibiting love is a very practical matter which can be objectively measured through its primary forms such as justice, faithfulness, and mercy or compassion (Mat. 23:23). [42 minutes]
13 The Ten Commandments 1 The Ten Commandments: Part 1
The Ten Commandments contain both God-ward and man-ward commands. These commands to love God and one's fellow man form the foundation of Christian Ethics. [34 minutes]
14 The Ten Commandments 2 The Ten Commandments: Part 2
The Ten Commandments contain both God-ward and man-ward commands. These commands to love God and one's fellow man form the foundation of Christian Ethics. [40 minutes]
15 Law and Gospel Law and Gospel
Paul clarifies the relationship between the Law and the Gospel in the life of the believer and in the practice of Christian ethics. [26 minutes]
16 Absolutes in Conflict Absolutes in Conflict
How should Christians respond in situations where ethical guidelines are in conflict? [39 minutes]
17 Marriage Marriage
What is the Biblical basis for marriage and how does it differ from the secular culture's view of marriage? [33 minutes]
18 Divorce Divorce
Under what circumstances does God permit divorce? How are our views of divorce influenced by our view of marriage? [33 minutes]
19 Sexual Ethics Sexual Ethics
As society increasingly challenges and perverts God's guidelines for the ethical use of sexual relations, it is critical that believers pay close attention to what the Bible says about the subject. [27 minutes]
20 Abortion Abortion
How are Christians to view abortion in light of the teaching of the Bible? Are there situations when abortion is a permissible alternative for the Christian? [46 minutes]
21 Artificial Birth Technologies Artificial Birth Technologies
What should be done when a Christian couple is unable to have children? Should they avail themselves of the latest in artificial birth technology in order to fulfill their God-given desire for children? [32 minutes]
22 Suicide and Euthanasia Suicide and Euthanasia
Is man free to determine when life should end? If the quality of life is below expectations, are we justified in seeking to terminate our own or some other suffering person's life? [37 minutes]

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