Matthew by Paul Henebury

Paul Henebury

These lectures on the book of Matthew are taken from a course at Telos Biblical Institute. [14 hours 28 minutes]

01 Introduction An Introduction to Matthew

The first in a three-part introduction to this Gospel before getting into the Gospel proper. Paul Henebury discusses the author, date and the origin of Matthew's gospel. [23 minutes]
02 Introduction An Introduction to Matthew, Part 2

The second in a three-part introduction to this Gospel before getting into the Gospel proper. This introductory lesson looks at the content, plan and purpose of this Gospel. [33 minutes]
03 Introduction An Introduction to Matthew, Part 3

The last in a three-part introduction to this Gospel before getting into the Gospel proper. This short lesson concludes the general survey of the Gospel. [16 minutes]
04 Matthew 1 Matthew 1

In reading the Gospel of Matthew it is essential that we try to put ourselves back into the context: a context where, as far as the characters were concerned, there was no New Testament in existence. If we think of Matthew as relating to Old Testament promises, we will not be as liable to read our assumptions into what is going on. [29 minutes]
05 Matthew 2 Matthew 2

We consider the second chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, making sure not to neglect its very Jewish context. [24 minutes]
06 Matthew 3 Matthew 3

We consider the third chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, making sure not to neglect its very Jewish context. [38 minutes]
07 Matthew 4 1-11 Matthew 4:1-11

Paul expounds the first portion of chapter four of Matthew’s Gospel. [24 minutes]
08 Matthew 4-12-5 1 Matthew 4:12-5:1

Paul expounds the second portion of chapter four of Matthew’s Gospel. [24 minutes]
09 Matthew 5 1-12 Matthew 5:1-12

Paul expounds The Beatitudes of chapter five of Matthew’s Gospel. [31 minutes]
10 Matthew 5 13-48 The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:13-48)

Paul continues his exposition of the Sermon on the Mount. [41 minutes]
11 Matthew 6 1-13 Matthew Chapter 6 - Part 1 (Matthew 6:1-13)

Paul expounds the first part of chapter six (including the "Lord's Prayer") of Matthew's Gospel. [34 minutes]
12 Matthew 6 19-8 1 Matthew Chapter 6 - Part 2 (Matthew 6:19-8:1)

This lecture finishes off the section on The Sermon on the Mount. [32 minutes]
13 Matthew 8 Matthew 8
An exposition of chapter 8 of Matthew's gospel. [30 minutes]
14 Matthew 9 Matthew 9
This study includes a discussion of one of the main supposed contradictions in Scripture. Dr. Henebury also highlights the theme of belief in Jesus as Messiah. [24 minutes]
15 Matthew 10 Matthew 10
This chapter includes the sending out of the disciples. It also has one or two tricky passages which are utilized by groups like the preterists. [32 minutes]
16 Matthew 11 Matthew 11
In chapter 11 of the Gospel of Matthew we find John the Baptist’s question, the denunciations of the cities of Galilee, and a key passage where Jesus offers anyone who is bowed down by life to come to Him. [23 minutes]
17 Matthew 12 Matthew 12
Chapter 12 includes several fascinating episodes in Jesus' earthly ministry which emphasize His identity and authority. Among these are the “unpardonable sin” and His Self-contrasts with great characters of the OT. [37 minutes]
18 Matthew 13 Matthew 13
This lesson reviews the famous parables chapter. [31 minutes]
19 Matthew 14 And 15 Matthew 14 and 15
Paul discusses Jesus’ miraculous feeding of multitudes, his teaching about John the Baptist, dealings with the Syro-Phoenician woman and more. [24 minutes]
20 Matthew 16 Matthew 16
This short lecture includes a discussion of Peter’s confession and the identification of the “rock” in the context. [15 minutes]
21 Matthew 17 Matthew 17
This lesson deals with the Transfiguration and Jesus' clear foretelling of His coming death and resurrection. [18 minutes]
22 Matthew 18 Matthew 18
Jesus warns of offenses, the parable of the lost sheep, dealing with a sinning brother. [28 minutes]
23 Matthew 19-20 Matthew 19 and 20
These two chapters are filled with interest as the Lord teaches on divorce, true faith, "the regeneration", ambition, and more. Dr Henebury spends some time discussing the difficult parable of the laborers in 20:1-16. [42 minutes]
24 Matthew 21 Matthew 21
Several issues arise in this chapter, like the cursing of the fig tree. Another issue is the replacement theologian’s favorite verse, Matt. 21:43. [23 minutes]
25 Matthew 22 Matthew 22
This chapter includes the Parable of the Wedding Feast, and the questions from the Pharisees and Sadduccees. [28 minutes]
26 Matthew 23 Matthew 23
Jesus castigates the religious leaders for their hypocrisy. [28 minutes]
27 Matthew 24 Matthew 24
This lecture deals with the first part of what is known as the ‘Olivet Discourse’. [31 minutes]
28 Matthew 25 Matthew 25
The second half of Christ’s eschatological discourse, it includes the Parable of the Ten Virgins and the Judgment of the Sheep and Goats. [18 minutes]
29 Matthew 26 Matthew 26
Jesus celebrates passover with His disciples on the night of His betrayal. [38 minutes]
30 Matthew 27 Matthew 27
The self-composure of Jesus and weird happenings in Jerusalem. [28 minutes]
31 Matthew 28 Matthew 28
The final chapter, which includes the Resurrection and the Great Commission. [23 minutes]

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