2 Timothy by Andy Woods

Andy Woods

These messages expound Paul's second letter to Timothy wherein Paul reminds Timothy of the need for faithfulness in the face of hardship.

These presentations were given at Sugar Land Bible Church in Sugar Land, Texas. [40 hours, 47 minutes]

For an abbreviated treatment of 2 Timothy, see 2 Timothy in Ten Parts

01 Introduction Introduction to 2 Timothy - The Call to Persevere
Starting our walk in Christ may be easy, but finishing well calls for faithfulness and perseverance. [1 hour 5 minutes]
02 2Timothy 1 1-5 True Christian Education (2 Timothy 1:1-5)
The most important thing parents must teach their children is a knowledge and love of God. [1 hour 9 minutes]
03 2Timothy 1 6-7 Courageous Service (2 Timothy 1:6-7)
God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. [1 hour 11 minutes]
04 2Timothy 1 8-9b Gospel Benefits (2 Timothy 1:8-9b)
Our spiritual gifts are meant for the service of the saints and the edification of the church. [59 minutes]
05 2Timothy 1 9c 10 The Other Side of the Good News (2 Timothy 1:9c-10)
If the term "gospel" means "good news," what exactly is the bad news? [1 hour 3 minutes]
06 2Timothy 1 11-12 The Assurance of Salvation (2 Timothy 1:11-12)
Believers can have peace knowing they possess eternal life which can never be lost or taken from them. [1 hour 12 minutes]
07 2Timothy 1 13-14 Guard the Gospel (2 Timothy 1:13-14)
The gospel is the only tool that God has given to us that helps us with our greatest problem. [1 hour 13 minutes]
08 2Timothy 1 15-18 Negative and Positive Examples (2 Timothy 1:15-18)
Were those who fail in their Christian walk ever saved? Or did they lose their salvation? Is there another way to understand this disturbing reality? [1 hour 8 minutes]
09 2Timothy 2 1 The Secret of My Success (2 Timothy 2:1)
What empowered Paul to endure in his ministry? [1 hour 5 minutes]
10 2Timothy 2 2-5 Perseverance Portrayed (2 Timothy 2:2-5)
Paul gives Timothy ten metaphors depicting endurance. [1 hour 7 minutes]
11 2Timothy 2 6-7 The War on Certainty (2 Timothy 2:6-7)
Some Christian movements are following after the secular culture to embrace uncertainty. But God's Word provides certainty in an uncertain world. [1 hour 14 minutes]
12 2Timothy 2 9-10 Thankful for Two Things (2 Timothy 2:9-10)
Christians can be thankful for Jesus and the work He accomplished through the Apostle Paul. [1 hour 16 minutes]
13 2Timothy 2 11-13 Will All Believers Endure? (2 Timothy 2:11-13)
Even if believers are unfaithful, Christ remains faithful. [1 hour]
14 2Timothy 2 14 15 Where to Place the Focus (2 Timothy 2:14-15)
We’re living in an interesting time where people want to major on the minors. In other words they want to major on subjects which have very little biblical data. [1 hour 4 minutes]
15 2Timothy 2 16-17 A Great New Year's Resolution (2 Timothy 2:16-17)
Empty and foolish talk should not be found on the lips of those following Christ: "Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear" (Eph. 4:29-30). [1 hour]
16 2Timothy 2 17-18 Confronting Error (2 Timothy 2:17-18)
The subject of naming the names of heretics publicly is an abused and misunderstood subject. This sermon recommends that we avoid the practice of two common extremes: those who never call out the name of a heretic publicly in church and others that are so aggressive in calling out names, they criticize people, not on the basis of theology but on the basis of their own preferences or their own style. [1 hour 2 minutes]
17 2Timothy 2 18 Heaven on Earth? (2 Timothy 2:18)
A straightforward reading of Revelation 20 indicates that Christ will someday reign on the earth for a period of 1,000 years. How did this straightforward reading of the thousand-year kingdom, understood by the early Church, come into question and what are the consequences? [1 hour 11 minutes]
18 2Timothy 2 19-23 Plastic or Silver? (2 Timothy 2:19-13)
As we mature in our walk, our Christian behavior and witness should increase in quality. [1 hour 11 minutes]
19 2Timothy 2 24-26 Light and Not Heat (2 Timothy 2:24-26)
The primary means of spiritual transformation is not by emotional manipulation, but through the patient teaching of God’s Word. [1 hour 6 minutes]
20 2Timothy 3 1 The Last Days Apostasy of the Church (2 Timothy 3:1)
What is "apostasy" and how does it make its way within an unwary church? [1 hour 12 minutes]
21 2Timothy 3 1-2 The De-Evolution of Man, Part 1 (2 Timothy 3:1-2a)
Is mankind becoming kinder and gentler through education and self-improvement? [1 hour 12 minutes]
22 2Timothy 3 2-3 The De-Evolution of Man, Part 2 (2 Timothy 3:2b-3)
The characteristics of men near the time of the end will resemble that of beasts more than the image of God. [1 hour 11 minutes]
23 2Timothy 3 4-9 The De-Evolution of Man, Part 3 (2 Timothy 3:4-9)
Paul continues to describe the disturbing downward trend of the qualities of mankind as time progresses. [1 hour 12 minutes]
24 2Timothy 3 10 Follow Me (2 Timothy 3:10)
Paul understood the divine purpose and calling on his life and that diverting from that purpose and calling would be more painful than the persecution he received in pursuing that calling. [1 hour 13 minutes]
25 2Timothy 3 11-13 Follow Me, Part 2 (2 Timothy 3:11-13)
Paul understood the divine purpose and calling on his life and that diverting from that purpose and calling would be more painful than the persecution he received in pursuing that calling. [1 hour]
26 2Timothy 3 14-15 Why Preach the Bible? - Part 1 (2 Timothy 3:14-15)
You hear this a lot from people: "Don’t give me doctrine, don’t give me Scripture, don’t give me theology, give me passion." Well let me just say this, what are you going to be passionate about? I’m all for passion, but what you are going to be passionate about is contingent upon what God has revealed in His Word. [1 hour 7 minutes]
27 2Timothy 3 15-16 Why Preach the Bible? - Part 2 (2 Timothy 3:15-16)
You cannot have an actual salvation occur independent of the hearing or perhaps reading of the Word of God. A motivational talk is not something that God uses to alert people to the fact that they need to trust in Christ. He uses one and only one source to make people aware of their need to trust in Christ and that is His Word. If you subtract the Word of God from the diet of the local church the opportunities for individual salvation falls dramatically. [1 hour 5 minutes]
28 2Timothy 3 16 Why Preach the Bible? - Part 3 (2 Timothy 3:16)
The Word of God must be preached if people are to come to faith. But it remains essential for their subsequent development into disciples of Jesus. [1 hour 2 minutes]
29 2Timothy 3 17 Why Preach the Bible? - Part 4 (2 Timothy 3:17)
There are many, many people in the body of Christ that want to do this and that for God; they have a zeal for some ministry or for some vision that they have but they have never really allowed themselves to be equipped by God’s Word for that task. Think about Jesus: Jesus had a thirty year preparation for a three year ministry, but most of us would rather have that order reversed. [58 minutes]
30 2Timothy 4 1-2 Why Preach the Bible? - Part 5 (2 Timothy 4:1-2)
J. Vernon McGee wrote, “We are not to preach about the Word or from the Word of God, but we are to preach the Word of God itself.” God forbid if we limit our vision to telling people about the Bible. We are to give them the Bible itself. [1 hour 6 minutes]
31 2Timothy 4 3-4 Itching Ears of the Last Days (2 Timothy 4:3-4)
There's coming a generation in the history of the church that simply will no longer put up with sound doctrine.  Enduring sound doctrine takes effort, it requires sacrifice and energy. [1 hour 8 minutes]
32 2Timothy 4 5-6 No Regrets (2 Timothy 4:5-6)
Are we going to press into His design for our lives and become what He's called us to become "in Him" this side of the grave, this side of eternity? [58 minutes]
33 2Timothy 4 7-8 Well Done! (2 Timothy 4:7-8)
Are we going to allow the Lord to work in and through us to such a degree that we can look back on our lives in Christ favorably because of what God did in and through us? [1 hour 5 minutes]
34 2Timothy 4 9-22 He is Faithful (2 Timothy 4:9-22)
Paul is about ready to die.  He is isolated by himself with very few exceptions.  And it was at a time in Paul’s life where he was the most desperate.  It was a time in his life where he was the most needy.  It was the time in his life where he needed more than any other time in his life to see the faithful hand of God. [1 hour 7 minutes]

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