Biblical Interpretation by Paul Henebury

Paul Henebury

What principles should guide our interpretation of the Bible? [1 hour 19 minutes]

01 Replacement Theology Replacement Theology
What is "replacement theology" and why is it of concern when interpreting Scripture? [11 minutes]
02 Spiritualization Spiritualization
What are the dangers when interpreters "spiritualize" a passage in the Bible? [16 minutes]
03 Covenants Covenants
What are covenants and why are they important for interpreting the Bible? [17 minutes]
04 Biblical Covenantalism Biblical Covenantalism
What is “Biblical Covenantalism” and why is it important when interpreting the Bible? [13 minutes]
05 The Creation Project The Creation Project
Creation initiates a teleology and an eschatology which is supported by the Biblical Covenants. [10 minutes]
06 Christ and Creation Christ and Creation
Christ is central to God's purpose in redeeming creation, but does that mean Jesus is found in nearly every Old Testament passage? [12 minutes]

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