The Covenant Program by Paul Henebury

Paul Henebury

Paul discusses the various biblical covenants found in Scripture.

01 Pre-Noahic Covenant The Covenant Program: Pre-Noahic Covenant
Is there a covenant to be found in Genesis prior to God's covenant with Noah? [14 minutes]
02 The Noahic Covenant The Covenant Program: The Noahic Covenant
Paul discusses the covenant which God made with Noah after the global flood. [14 minutes]
03 The Abrahamic Covenant The Covenant Program: The Abrahamic Covenant
God made a foundational covenant with Abraham after the dispersion at Babel. [12 minutes]
04 The Mosaic Covenant The Covenant Program: The Mosaic Covenant
God made a conditional covenant with the nation of Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai. [11 minutes]
05 The Backdrop of the New Covenant The Covenant Program: The Background of the New Covenant (Jeremiah 32)
A discussion of the context and biblical themes behind the New Covenant. [13 minutes]
06 The Problem of the New Covenant The Covenant Program: The Problem of the New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34)
What are the different ways in which the New Covenant is understood by different bible interpreters? [18 minutes]
07 The Priestly Covenant The Covenant Program: The Priestly Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-34)
This covenant is often overlooked or misunderstood and has implications for the service in the future millennial temple. [13 minutes]
08 Christ and the New Covenant The Covenant Program: Christ and the New Covenant (Isaiah 42; 49)
Fulfillment of the various covenants is dependent upon the work of Christ in the New Covenant. [13 minutes]
09 Identifying Jesus as the New Covenant The Covenant Program: Identifying Jesus as the New Covenant
Jesus is given as a covenant to the people (Isaiah 42:6; 49:8; Hebrews 9:16-17). [14 minutes]
10 Entailments of the New Covenant The Covenant Program: Entailments of the New Covenant
The New Covenant is the means by which God fulfills many of His purposes for the creation and humanity (Isaiah 11:1-10). [22 minutes]

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