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50 Middle East Meltdown Middle East Meltdown

A study of how the prophecies of the sixth century prophet Ezekiel as found in chapters 38 and 39 of his book are beginning to fit the geo-political alignment of today's Middle Eastern volatile scenario. Why should Christians care about this scenario and what spiritual implications does it all have for the body of Christ? [2 hours 22 minutes] For a greatly-expanded study on this topic, see Middle East Meltdown by Andy Woods.
51 Glory of God Your Supreme Objective by God's Grace: The Glory of God

Andy teaches on "God's Glory and Grace" during the 2012 Duluth Bible Church Fall Bible Conference. [62 minutes]
52 Dispensational Distinctives in Eschatology Dispensational Distinctives in Eschatology

Andy answers several questions regarding the dispensational view of the Bible and how it affects one's understanding of the future. This presentation was given at the 2012 Duluth Bible Church Fall Bible Conference. [76 minutes]
53 Why Believe in the Virgin Birth Why Believe in the Virgin Birth?

The virgin birth of Jesus Christ was required in order to fulfill the plan of God and must be upheld as an essential teaching of Orthodox Christianity. [63 minutes]
54 The Role of Babylon The Role of Babylon
What does Scripture reveal concerning the role of Babylon in Bible Prophecy? [2 hours 30 minutes]
55 Today in Bible Prophecy Today in Bible Prophecy: Questions and Answers

Andy is interviewed on August Rosado's "Today in Bible Prophecy" program.
56 Our Future Resurrection Bodies Our Future Resurrection Bodies (1Jn. 3:2)

What does Scripture reveal concerning the nature of our resurrected bodies? [67 minutes]
57 The Simple Gospel The Simple Gospel

Andy gives the simple message of the gospel during events hosted by the Sugar Land Bible Church.
58 Coming World Government The Coming World Government

Dr. Andy Woods reviews numerous trends which point toward the rise of a coming world government.
59 Revelation in Three Hours Revelation in Three Hours

Andy takes the listener on a bird's eye tour of the Book of Revelation in under three hours.

This presentation was given at the "Revelation Conference" hosted by The Brook Church in Tomball, Texas on May 11, 2013. [144 minutes].

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