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10 Come to Me Come to Me
God offers priceless food which satisfies at no cost. But who will avail themselves of it? A study of Isaiah 55:1-3. [39 minutes]
11 Meditate On These Things Meditate on These Things
To experience the peace of God, Paul commands believers to meditate on true, positive, and uplifting things. Unfortunately, many believers lack the peace of God because they continue to drink from cultural sources which embody the very opposite qualities. A study of Php. 4:6-9. [46 minutes]
12 The Nature of Biblical Tongues The Nature of Biblical Tongues
What type of "tongues" were spoken by the early Church as recorded in Acts and 1 Corinthians? Does the modern tongues movement measure up to what the Bible teaches regarding the nature of tongues? Can the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) teach us anything concerning whether we should view ecstatic speech as bona fide Biblical tongues? [61 minutes]
13 Tongues as of Fire Tongues as of Fire (Acts 2:1-4)
What led to the unusual events which transpired on the Day of Pentecost? What is the significance of the "divided tongues as of fire" mentioned in Acts 2:3? Should believers seek a similar experience today? [1 hr, 44 min]
14 Life in the Son Life in the Son (1 John 5:10-13)
Each spring our attention is drawn to the beauty of life as flowers blossom forth and newborn animals abound. Especially on Easter, when Christians celebrate the resurrection of God's Son in victory over death. All those who long for eternal life must come to the Son of God -- it is to be found nowhere else. [50 minutes]
15 The Last Days According to Sproul The Last Days According to Sproul
A critique of teaching by the popular and influential theologian R. C. Sproul of Ligonier Ministries concerning the "Last Days." Sproul's commitment to preterism biases his interpretation resulting in a distorted understanding of The Last Days According to Jesus. Although Dr. Sproul is a gifted teacher from whom much can be learned, his teaching on eschatological topics such as The Book of Revelation (11/4/2013), The Antichrist (11/5/2013), The Beast (11/6/2013), The Rapture (11/7/2013), and The Millennium (11/8/2013) is found to be unreliable. [4 hours 45 minutes]
16 Two Worldviews Two World Views
At the death of a loved one, our thoughts turn from daily distractions to consider the truly important "Big Questions" of life. How does our worldview affect our understanding of death and whether there is hope beyond the grave? (This message was given at the memorial service for Elisa Irvine on December 13, 2014.) [19 minutes]
17 The Long Wait for Messiah The Long Wait for Messiah (Luke 2:1-15)
On a very special night, the heavenly host broke in upon shepherds to announce the long-awaited birth of Messiah. God's people longed for this momentous event which fulfilled predictions given thousands of years earlier! [56 minutes]
18 The Priestly Covenant and the Millennial Kingdom The Priestly Covenant and the Millennial Kingdom (Jeremiah 33:14-22)
This often-overlooked covenant is closely related to Ezekiel's revelation concerning priestly service in the millennial kingdom (Ezekiel 40-48). This teaching was given at Island Christian Fellowship on Camano Island, Washington. [1 hour 50 minutes]
19 The Miraculous Big Bang The Miraculous Big Bang (Genesis 1:1; John 1:1)
Big Bang cosmology is taught in our public schools, while the Creation account of the Bible is prohibited. This uneven treatment of alternative creation accounts is justified by claiming that the Big Bang is based on observational facts whereas Creationism is a religious view based upon miracles. In reality, both cosmologies require miracles and the secular Big Bang teaching is just as much a faith-based belief as Creationism. [1 hour 2 minutes]

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