Aspects of Biblical Counseling by Paul Henebury

Paul Henebury

A series of presentations to help those involved in Biblical Counseling.

001 What is Biblical Counseling Aspects of Biblical Counseling - What is Biblical Counseling?
How does God’s revelation (the Bible) inform counseling among God’s people? Recorded at Calvary Chapel, Ukiah in January of 2019. [31 minutes]
002 Problems with Psycho-Therapy Aspects of Biblical Counseling - Problems with Psycho-Therapy
How does the secular practice of psycho-therapy square with Biblical truth? [38 minutes]
003 The Facets of Man Aspects of Biblical Counseling - The Facets of Man - Spirituality and Authority
What does the Bible mean by the terms soul, heart, mind, and will. [25 minutes]

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