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Teaching on miscellaneous topics by Paul Henebury.

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01 The Creation Project The Creation Project

A study of the eschatology of the Old Testament highlighting the purpose and character of God. [49 minutes]
02 The Parameters of Meaning The Parameters of Meaning

This foundational lecture concerning Biblical interpretation examines how we can know what an author intends to convey in his use of language? What parameters serve to properly anchor our interpretation of an author's intended meaning? [33 minutes]
03 Biblical Arguments for Young-Earth Creationism Biblical Arguments for Young-Earth Creationism

Is it possible for a Christian to reconcile belief in an earth which is billions of years old with core theological teaching revealed in the Bible? [49 minutes]
04 Evolution An Impossible Theory Evolution: An Impossible Theory

Perhaps the two most important claims of evolution are that life arose from non-life and that all living beings arose from a common ancestor. Is the popular acceptance of evolution by the culture at-large based upon sound evidence? Or is evolution a Creation Myth which glosses over contrary evidence while conveniently serving the ends of a God-rejecting society? [49 minutes]
05 Aspects of the Creation Worldview Aspects of the Creation Worldview

What is the Biblical world view? How does it inform our understanding of the world around us? How do beliefs concerning our origin influence our culture? [34 minutes]
06 The Last Twelve Verses of Mark The Last Twelve Verses of Mark

How authentic are the final twelve verses of the gospel of Mark? Are they a late addition to the original text as is often claimed? [35 minutes]
07 Basic Bible Interpretation Basic Bible Interpretation

This is a basic introductory talk on what one might call “common sense” interpretation. Paul provides several examples of how the Bible itself expects us to approach it. [43 minutes]
08 Challenges to the Real Jesus Challenges to the Real Jesus

An examination of the popular alternatives to the real Jesus promoted on PBS, the history channel, and other secular sources. [45 minutes]
09 Worldviews Get in the Way Worldviews Get in the Way (1Pe. 3:15-16)
What does the Bible teach concerning how we are to give an answer for our hope in the Christian faith? This presentation was given at Calvary Chapel in Ukiah, California. [1 hour 1 minute]

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