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00 The New Covenant In The Light Of The Old Testament The New Covenant in the Light of the Old Testament
We discuss the New Covenant in the light of Old Testament passages concerning covenants. This is an informal teaching given at a home group meeting on April 23, 2004. [55 minutes]
01 The Promise Of Pentecost The Promise of Pentecost
We discuss the historical context of the events which transpired on the Day of Pentecost and their relationship to the "Promise of the Father." This message was presented at LakeLand Bible Church on November 13, 2004. [99 minutes]
02 The Root of Anti-Semitism The Root of Anti-Semitism
We discuss the spiritual root of anti-Semitism as revealed within chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. [42 minutes]
03 He Whom The Nation Abhors He Whom the Nation Abhors
We explore one of Isaiah's famous "servant" passages (Isaiah 49:1-8) and find that the servant is an individual. He is the ultimate fulfillment of Israel's calling Who Isaiah prophesies will restore Israel and be given as a covenant to the people. This message was presented at LakeLand Bible Church on March 3, 2005. [133 minutes]
04 Servant Leadership Servant Leadership
We discuss the Biblical model of leadership demonstrated by Jesus, leadership which emphasizes service and humility. [39 minutes]
05 Two Resurrections Two Resurrections
We discuss the two resurrections taught in Scripture: one involving the just leading to life and the other involving the unjust leading to condemnation. [35 minutes]
06 The Temple Of The Believer The Temple of the Believer
In His intimate time in the upper room with His disciples, Jesus promised to send another Helper. But the Helper could not come unless Jesus departed. We discuss the nature of the dependence of the coming of the Spirit upon the departure of Jesus in light of God's abiding presence. [41 minutes]
07 Isaiah's Unbelievable Report Isaiah's Unbelievable Report
Isaiah's amazing prophecy of a Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53) was given hundreds of years before the birth of Messiah Jesus. We examine the historical evidence behind the prophecy as we teach verse-by-verse using a Jewish translation of this passage. Rabbinical writings show that the early rabbis knew this passage concerned an individual, "King Messiah," and should not be interpreted as applying to the nation of Israel, a view often espoused by modern Jewish interpreters. [91 minutes]
08 Revelation 1.7 Past Or Future Revelation 1:7 - Past or Future?
Were most of the prophecies in the Book of Revelation fulfilled in the events leading to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 as taught by popular teachers such as Hank Hanegraaff and R. C. Sproul? We examine the teachings of Preterism concerning Revelation 1:7. Has this passage been fulfilled? Or is there compelling Biblical evidence which demonstrates that this passage awaits future fulfillment?

Prophecy and the Jews Bible Conference

This message was originally presented at the Prophecy and the Jews Bible Conference at Spokane Bible Church on April 11, 2006. [92 minutes]

09 Why do the Nations Rage Why do the Nations Rage?
A study of Psalm 2 exploring its historic implications and ultimate fulfillment. [90 minutes]

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