Q107 : Interpreting the Parables of Matthew 13

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Q107 : Interpreting the Parables of Matthew 13

I had a chance to listen to you speak at Calvary Chapel Philadelphia back in September.

In the Last Days Apostasy of the Church portion you quickly touched on the parables in Matthew 13.

It caught my attention and I was hoping there was a more in-depth teaching of yours on those parables available for me to download.

A107 : by Andy Woods

I have not really done any in-depth teaching on those parables. I do mention them in my Introduction to the Book of Matthewa that is available on this website.

Let me recommend two additional sources that you could use to learn more about them:

  1. John F. Walvoord, Matthew: Thy Kingdom Comeb (Chicago: Moody, 1974), 95-108.
  2. Stanley D. Toussaint, Behold the King: A Study of Matthewc (Portland: Multnomah, 1980; reprint, Grand Rapids, Kregel, 2005), 168-85.

I like these sources the best not only for their clarity and depth but also because I believe they correctly interpret the leaven in the Parable of the Leaven (Matt 13:33) as something negative rather than positive.

Even many dispensationalists believe that the leaven here is something positive rather than negative. I feel this misses the whole point regarding the apostasy of the church that I was trying to make at the conference.

Happy studying.

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