Q133 : The Virgin Birth of Immanuel

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Q133 : The Virgin Birth of Immanuel

Dr. Woods,

I enjoyed your excellent article on Matthew’s use of Hosea 11:1a. As a Jewish Christian it troubled me for many years, and without the theological definition I came to the same conclusion of your article, thus I truly enjoyed this confirmation.

I am also interested in Isaiah 7:14 and the problems it presents historically. If you have an article, I would appreciate reading further on this.

A133 : by Andy Woods

Thanks for the encouragement on the article. I am glad it was a blessing to you.

The best treatment I have ever seen on Isaiah 7:14 is Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s treatment in his book Messianic Christology: A Study of Old Testament Prophecy Concerning the First Coming of the Messiaha. This is the view I hold on it. Of all that I have read I have never found anything better than this.

In Him, Andy

[We regret that we are unable to offer Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s explanation directly on our website, but those of you are are interested in his insight concerning this topic will be well-served by obtaining the text Dr. Woods cites above which is available in both printed and digital form (http://www.logos.com). - Ed.]

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