Q154 : Obtaining a Print Version of the Revelation Commentary

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Q154 : Obtaining a Print Version of the Revelation Commentary

Hello Tony,

I downloaded your Commentary on Revelationa. I was wondering how I can order a hard copy and what the cost would be, including shipping to Nigeria and how the payment can be made?

A154 : by Tony Garland

There are several options available to obtain a print version of the commentary. Although it may not be as practical, the cheapest way to obtain a print version of the commentary is to download the Adobe PDF file for each volume directly from our website and then print them yourself:

At somewhat greater cost you can purchase the volumes from one of the many internet bookstores (including Amazon.comc). The following links will provide a list of various booksellers which carry the volumes and their relative cost:

Perhaps you will know which of these bookstores is the best choice given your location in Nigeria.

Since these volumes are print-on-demand, we do not stock or sell the print version ourselves. Even if we did, we would not be able to offer the books at a significantly lower cost than they are available through the many internet outlets.

As you become familiar with the commentary, please consider sharing your thoughts about the commentary set by contributing a reviewf.

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