Q159 : Availability of The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

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Q159 : Availability of The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

I have been trying to find a hardcopy of the book The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledgea but I have not been able to find one. Thomas Nelson lists it on their website at $39, however they say it is not available on their site. When I google it, I see it listed in excess of $200 at a couple of places on the internet. Is this the same book, or are they marking it up 300%?

I would really like to purchase 2 hardcopies of this book. Can you tell me where I can find it new - at a “reasonable” price ?

A159 : by Tony Garland

It appears that The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledgea has probably gone out-of-print. I have not seen it in Christian bookstores for some time. However, I have occasionally seen the rare copy in a used bookstore. At present, the best I can suggest is to look for used copies via listings at online bookstores such as Amazon.comb. If you do, be sure to check that the title they are selling is really the new treasury – as copies of the original treasury are widespread and the distinction between the old and new is not always appreciated.

Another possibility is to switch over to software-based Bible study in which case the New Treasury is readily available for use with Logosc. This approach has the added advantage of pop-up display of the cross-referenced passages dramatically reducing the amount of page turning otherwise required. Of course there are also the attendant dependencies and intermittent reliability often encountered when utilizing computers for Bible study. As for me, I wouldn’t be without both!

Having an engineering background, I have no trouble with using the New Treasury but I must admit having noticed the eyes of some glaze over when I opened the book and attempted to share its great benefits. It has been my sad experience that there are relatively few students of the Bible who have the required discipline or interest to benefit from such a detailed work.

If it were me and I didn’t already have a copy of The New Treasury, I'd rush out and buy a copy of this book while it remains in print. As I've stated elsewhere, with the exception of the Bible itself and a good concordance, this is probably the best Bible study aid one could invest in. My advice: get it while you can!

[UPDATE: The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge has been reissued as Nelson's Cross Reference Guide to the Bibled by Jerome H. Smith.]

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