Q189 : Home Schooling Resources

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Q189 : Home Schooling Resources

Hello Mr. Woods,

I recently listened to your message on America's Christian Heritagea. I've also just finished re-listening to your message at the 2012 CTS Bible Conference (along with Mr. Clough's contribution). Thank you for the work you are doing it is important and encouraging.

I was hoping you might be able to offer some advice regarding children's education. Recently my wife and I have been considering the future education of our son (he's only 5 months currently).This has led me to do some personal study on government education and the relationship that exists between the two. The history of the New Zealand education system is not dissimilar to that of America in terms of its structural and philosophical heritage. Furthermore the current state of our public schools seems comparable. I would have to say, and in keeping with your analysis, that they are little more than seminaries teaching the doctrines of secular humanism and paganism.

In seeking to raise a child who will love and serve the Lord my wife and I have begun to wrestle with the idea of home-schooling. A friend gave us a DVD to watch called IndoctriNationb which was interesting and quite helpful. I see the merit in home-schooling, but at the same time I'm struggling to develop a biblical approach to education: specifically that of young children.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

A189 : by Andy Woods

I'm glad the teachings have been a blessing to you.

Specific homeschooling curricula is a bit outside my knowledge area.

I believe Bob Jones University has a homeschool curricula that is very popular. You might also find some leads through Michael Farris' homeschooling legal defense associationa. I know that he has written a bunch of books in this general area.

Also, I know Steveb and Vickic Lewis from the SpiritAndTruth.orgd website have considerable experience with home schooling. They might be worth considering as another resource.

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