Q255 : Repeating the Thessalonian Error

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Q255 : Repeating the Thessalonian Error

Dear Andy,

I've read through your rapture articlesa and completely agree with your pre-trib position. However, in the wake of current political global events which are fast nearing crisis proportions, there have been many articles popping up saying we are in the midst of the tribulation already. Some feel that the pre-trib position has been a deception in the church. Can't agree with them really but was hoping you can point me to some relevant scriptures as a response.

A255 : by Andy Woods

Thanks for your encouragement on my rapture articlesa.

Regarding Scripture that the Tribulation has not started yet, I would point people to Daniel 9:27. That passage specifically teaches that the Tribulation is not formally launched until the Antichrist enters into a peace treaty with unbelieving Israel.

Second Thessalonians 2:5-7 teaches that the Antichrist himself cannot come forward to make this peace treaty until the Holy Spirit's restraining ministry through the church is first removed. In fact, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 articulates five concepts that first must be in existence before anyone can categorically say that the Tribulation has begun or is underway. Please see my exposition of 2nd Thessaloniansb where I take the listener through the five areas mentioned in this passage.

As far as the idea that the rapture is a hoax perpetrated on the church, I hope my articles that you read convey to you that we should believe in the rapture because it's found in the Bible.

Many people try to argue that the rapture is some kind of late teaching brought into existence John Nelson Darby's late and nefarious reliance upon Margaret McDonald, etc... In part tenc of my rapture series, I demonstrate that this presupposition and charge is loaded with logical fallacies. Beyond, that it is not even supported by the historical evidence.

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