Q312 : Listening to Audio Presentations when Offline

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Q312 : Listening to Audio Presentations when Offline


I recently came across your teachings and love them!! I looked for any on audible CD and don't see any. Am I by chance missing them, or do you only offer in print? My elderly mother is legally blind, and I was hoping to get her some solid teachings on CD. If in fact you don't, is there anything you would recommend? There are SO many compromised Christians out there, I'm really at a loss anymore.

Thanks so much and God bless!

A312 : by Tony Garland

For many years, we offered CDs containing the audio teachings on our websites. But several factors causes us to seek a different approach for distributing our study materials for access offline:

  • The material would no longer fit onto a reasonable number of CDs (even DVDs), especially with the increased use of video content by our teachers
  • Postal costs continue to escalate
  • Many newer computers and digital devices (e.g., smart phones, tablets) are unable to play material in CD or DVD format
As a result, we've switched over to a completely digital distribution format over the Internet. All of our teaching materials can be downloaded from this link: https://www.spiritandtruth.org/download/teaching/index.htm

If all a person is interested in is the audio teaching (and supporting notes or Powerpoint presentations), then a single ZIP file containing these resources is available for each course. Video presentations, being much larger, are available for individual download. (The audio from every video presentation is also available within the audio-only content so videos are optional for those with low-speed Internet connections.)

After downloading the study material of interest, open the ZIP file and you'll find the same content as on our website, but locally available on your device. (Most computers and operating systems can open ZIP files directly, but if yours cannot, you can use the free 7ZIPa program for that purpose.) All our audios are in MP3 format and can be copied to any of the many available digital audio playback devices (MP3 players, smart phones, tablets).

Another option for downloading digital audio content onto a device is to subscribeb to our RSS feed, one of which provides access to every audio teaching we've ever offeredc.

Lastly, if you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad), you can find the SpiritAndTruth podcast channel. Simply launch the Podcast application, choose Search and search for spiritandtruth.org. You can then subscribe to the podcast which will be updated every couple of weeks as new content is published on our website. Our Apple podcast channel can also be accessed using this link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/spiritandtruth.org-podcasts/id480579525

I hope that helps!

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