Q318 : Understanding Symbols within Strong's Concordance

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Q318 : Understanding Symbols within Strong's Concordance

I read in your answer regarding Strong’s numbersa an explanation of usage of "x" and "+"—my question is in regard to the meaning of letters "x," "y," and "z" as noted in Heb 12, for the word HIM.

I've used Strongs since 1980....really need to know significance of these letters. In my older hard copy strongs, these letters are non-existent.

A318 : by Tony Garland

Each of the three letters following "him" in the phrase "turn away from him [y654] [z5734] [x3588] that speaketh from heaven" refers to a different Strong's number pertaining to the underlying Greek behind the phrase.

The x, y, and z simply indicate there are three related pieces of information. The numbers themselves indicate the relevant data according to an enhanced Strong's coding which accounts for additional information beyond the words themselves.

By hovering over each word at this linka, you can see the related information.

  • 654b = apostrephō - "to turn away or back"
  • 3588c = ho - the definite article, "the"
  • 5734 = grammatical information from parsing the verb which has been added beyond the basic Strong's word definition. In this case, the verb's tense (present), voice (middle), and form (participle).
The study of Strong's number can only take a person so far. To go much further, one needs to undertake the study of the original language itself. This will include becoming familiar with additional grammatical concepts such as:

  • person (1st [I, we], 2nd [you, ye], 3rd [he/she/it, they])
  • gender (masculine, feminine, neuter)
  • number (singular, dual, plural)
  • tense (aorist, future, present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect)
  • voice (active, middle, passive)
  • mood (indicative, imperative, subjunctive, optative)
The augmented Strong's system allows someone without knowledge of the original language to glean a little more information than would otherwise be possible.

I hope that helps.

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