Q36 : Comparing King James Bible Versions

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Q36 : Comparing King James Bible Versions

I like how your website has some verses that compare the KJV, NKJV and the KJ2000 to each other. At the same time I wish that there could be a way to know about all of the differences between the KJV, NKJV, KJ21, KJ2000, RKJV, KJII and the MKJV. Could you please tell me how I can find and compare these bibles? Thank you for your time and help.

A36 : by Tony Garland

Thanks for your question.

I wish I could provide more in-depth information on how these various revisions of the KJV compare in subtle detail, but the information is difficult to come by—especially for all the versions you mention.

Although I prefer the NKJV as my main English translation,1 I'm not familiar with the details and differences among all the versions that you mention. Other than the NKJV (and the KJV, of course), I also make use of the KJ2000 and MKJV. I know very little about the KJ21 and almost nothing about the RKJV and KJII. (Another excellent English translation worth considering is the LITV by Jay P. Green.)

Perhaps you can find additional information of value at the following website which contains a comprehensive list of English translations: www.geocities.com/bible_translation/english.htm.

Our website also has a list of helpful online Bible study web pagesa where you can read some of these versions. You can also compare versesb from the KJV, KJ2000, MKJV, and LITV side-by-side on our website. (Be patient as this may take a while to load over a slow connection.)

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a comprehensive, detailed analysis of the differences among all of the versions you mention based on the KJV.

1 Among the reasons I like the NKJV:

  • A very readable and reliable rendition of the KJV.
  • In settings where I teach, many people use this translation.
  • The NKJV footnotes variations among Greek texts which is very helpful when teaching in a group environment. I am constantly aware of the places where people in the group (with translations, such as the NIV, which follow the critical text) will be reading something different.
  • The NKJV (and the other versions you mention) benefits from the established familiarity and excellent study tools previously developed for the KJV. For example, New Treasury of Scripture Knowledgec, (more recently titled Nelson's Cross Reference Guide to the Bibled) which is probably the third most valuable book on the planet next to the Scriptures themselves and a comprehensive concordance.

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