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144Study Bibles, Covenants, and Dispensations

Hi Tony, Thanks again for all of your very helpful and enlightening information. I read you posting about Study Bibles so I have narrowed my choices down to the . . . [read more]

128What is Calvinism?

I need to purchase a new Bible because my old Bible is quite worn. My old Bible was a KJV, however I am considering purchasing either a NKJV or ESV Bible this time around. Here is my . . . [read more]

124Recommended Study Bibles

I would like to know which Study Bibles are the most theological accurate in your opinion and why? I am considering purchasing a Study Bible and I want to buy a good . . . . . [read more]

118Ryrie Study Bible

Andy, I have a Ryrie study Bible and find it a very good source of information—quite encyclopedic. However, it does not seem to have much dispensational teaching (like Scofield's 1917 . . . [read more]

112Favorite Bible Translation

Hi Andy, I'm enjoying your videos on Genesis Chapter 3. I wanted to ask what bible translation you use and recommend. . . . [read more]

93Can Pride be Good?

I taught at my church last night and the issue of pride with regard to servant leadership came up and I mentioned that nowhere in scripture is pride used in a positive sense. I was brought to . . . [read more]

73Is the KJV Bible Inspired of God?

In a recent article on Christian parenting regarding how to study the Bible, the author makes the statement, . . . the King James Bible is indeed accurately translated and is the preserved . . . [read more]

68Literal Translations by Sovereign Grace Publishers

Is there a significant difference between the Literal Translation (LITV) and the Modern KJV, all from Sovereign Grace Publishers (Jay P. Green, Sr.)? Would either make a good . . . [read more]

62ESV and HCSB Translations

I enjoy reading your comments about various Bible translations. I have read about the ESV (their website) and wondered what your opinion was of this translation. I don't find it too different . . . [read more]

61The Amplified Bible

I was viewing your site regarding comments on the Amplified Bible, or the New International Standard Version that claims to be the most reliable and accurate English translation . . . [read more]

59Word Meanings in the KJV Bible

I wanted to ask about helps for reading the KJV Bible. There are many resources available for the archaic words—that's not a problem. I'm concerned about words that I already know but . . . [read more]

55Hebrew and Greek Bible Study

I want to read the Bible in Its original languages. Can you suggest any good Hebrew-Greek . . . . . [read more]

54Scofield Study Bible and the Millennial Kingdom

I am brand new to your site. I have a question regarding Bibles. I have just about every version I can think of except the TNIV and The Old Scofield Bible. Can you tell me which is better: . . . [read more]

52NIV as Study Bible

I'm in the process of looking for a study bible and have started researching several different ones. However, during my research I have found that the NIV translation is NOT recommended for a . . . [read more]

40NASB Bible

On your site you have a NASB in your WordLinks Study Bible. Is that available for purchase or . . . . . [read more]

39Bible Recommendation

There are so many Bibles. What would you recommend? NKJV, NIV . . . study Bible? What would be your recommendation for the best all around Bible? Thanks for taking the time to . . . . . [read more]

38Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible

You mention that the Thompson Chain Reference Bible NKJV doesn't have "cross referencing" (question #24) and yet looking over mine it does. I was very concerned at first, as I just . . . [read more]

36Comparing King James Bible Versions

I like how your website has some verses that compare the KJV, NKJV and the KJ2000 to each other. At the same time I wish that there could be a way to know about all of the differences between . . . [read more]

28NRSV and Liberalism

You state:

We respond to all sincere questions by those who are truly interested in learning. This is not intended as a forum for debate, but for edification and learning. If your . . . [read more]
24Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible

I was looking over your advice concerning study Bibles and wanted to ask your opinion of the Thompson chain reference Bible. This Bible has an interesting system of references and topic chain . . . [read more]

21NRSV and NKJV Bible Translations

Do you think that the NRSV translation itself is good to study from (without the [more liberal] Oxford study notes)? Also, you seem to like the NKJV. I heard that although the NKJV is also . . . [read more]

20Oxford NRSV Study Bible

I was reading your Q&A discussion of Bible Versions. Although I like the KJV it is rather difficult to read—even with helps (like Webster's 1828 dictionary). A Bible I do like a lot is . . . [read more]

13New English Translation (NET) Bible

Someone mentioned to me the NET Bible ( which has thousands of translation and study notes. I downloaded it (the standard PC version . . . . . [read more]

12Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible

I wanted to ask your opinion of the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible (in any of the available translations). I heard that this is a dispensationally oriented Bible with many good language . . . [read more]

11Dispensationalism and the Scofield Bible

I am fairly new to dispensational thinking and wanted your opinion concerning the Scofield Bible. Is this still a useful tool for the study of the Bible from a dispensational perspective? . . . [read more]

3King James Bible Versions

I wish that there was a test or survey that I could take to see which of the editions of the KJV Bibles is the closest to how I remember the Bible. Thank you for your time and . . . . . [read more]

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