Q66 : Three Important Books

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Q66 : Three Important Books

Good morning. Concerning the 3 books to be stranded on an island with:

  • You mention the KJV Bible. Does this not include the NKJV?
  • You mention an exhaustive concordance with Hebrew and Greek dictionary. Is this not 2 books or 1?
  • Regarding the Treasury of Scripture.Knowledge, is this the same as an interlinear or better or different?

Maybe I will just buy them all, head to the islands and find out for myself!

God bless you and your recommendations.

A66 : by Tony Garland

Yes, the KJV would include the NKJV as far as I am concerned. The main thing would be to have a good word-for-word translation. In the case of the KJV/NKJV, they have the additional advantage of working well with the other recommended books, especially the Treasury of Scripture Knowledgea (R.A. Torrey) and New Treasury of Scripture Knowledgeb, more recently titled Nelson's Cross Reference Guide to the Biblec, (Jerome H. Smith) which are keyed to phrases in the KJV.

An exhaustive concordance such as the The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordanced (for use with the KJV/NKJV) or the The New American Standard Exhaustive Concordancee (for use with the NASB) can be had in combination with Hebrew and Greek dictionaries as a single volume.

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is not an interlinear. It is a book full of scripture verse cross-references. It is like taking the center column cross-references in a reference Bible and multiplying the number of them by a factor of ten. It identifies many related passages to the passage you are currently studying and provides an excellent way to study scripture comprehensively.

You can access the older, original version of it on our websitef.

My preference is for the New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge over the older version because it is a greatly expanded and corrected version based on the original.

I enjoyed the humorous nature of your inquiry

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