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188James, Faith, and the Ryrie Study Bible

Dr Woods, I really enjoy your articles and insights. I wanted to ask your opinion on something. Like you, my primary Bible has been the Ryrie Study Bible. I use the Ryrie NASB is my own . . . [read more]

144Study Bibles, Covenants, and Dispensations

Hi Tony, Thanks again for all of your very helpful and enlightening information. I read you posting about Study Bibles so I have narrowed my choices down to the . . . [read more]

128What is Calvinism?

I need to purchase a new Bible because my old Bible is quite worn. My old Bible was a KJV, however I am considering purchasing either a NKJV or ESV Bible this time around. Here is my . . . [read more]

124Recommended Study Bibles

I would like to know which Study Bibles are the most theological accurate in your opinion and why? I am considering purchasing a Study Bible and I want to buy a good . . . . . [read more]

12Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible

I wanted to ask your opinion of the Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible (in any of the available translations). I heard that this is a dispensationally oriented Bible with many good language . . . [read more]

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