Q185 : Can Tribulation Saints Lose their Salvation? (Part 1)

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Q185 : Can Tribulation Saints Lose their Salvation? (Part 1)

Could you comment on this articlea by Jack Kelly which maintains that only the Church has been promised eternal security [such that believers of other ages can lose their salvation]? This is a question that I've struggled with.

A185 : by Andy Woods

Kelly's interpretation on this parable seems a bit novel on at least three fronts.

First, he takes the late comers to the banquet as tribulation converts. Dr. Toussaint wrote the best dispensational commentary on Matthew called Behold the Kinga. On pg. 254, Toussaint says, “the last is a call to Gentiles to participate and looks to the present age.”1 On page 255, he quotes G.N. Peters' Theocratic Kingdomb which is probably the best defense of Premillennialism in church history. Peters says, “The calling of other guests now (still going on)...”2.

Second, Kelly takes the improperly attired man to be a tribulation believer who lost his salvation. By contrast, Toussaint argues that this man refers to a Jew who may have been part of God's elect nation, but was never saved individually (p. 254, 256).

Third, Kelly argues that the doctrine of eternal security only applies to church age believers and those saved in the tribulation can lose their salvation. I have never heard such a teaching before. Rev 7:3 indicates that the 144 thousand are sealed by God. This word "sealed" is the same Greek word used to describe the security of the believer in Eph 4:30. In fact, Eph 4:30 is one of the strongest passages we have on eternal security.


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